all the shiny hats

All the shiny hats! All the shiny hats! (sing with me)

So, back in April, the powers that be at a certain television network decided to crack down on those they saw as infringing on their territory in the form of Cunning Hats. Many etsy sellers were sent cease and desist letters and, rumor has it, some shops may even have been shut down if they didn’t cease. Luckily, we weren’t one of those shops and never received any communication about our hats.

This crackdown really brought out the Captain Mal in many Firefly fans, who aimed to misbehave by supporting independent hatmakers like us. We received a flood of orders, adding up to 70 hats total!

Our two-day turnaround time soon stretched to close to a month, as there was just not enough time in the day to knit them any faster.

I started out knitting two hats a day. As I was otherwise relatively unoccupied, I figured that 8 or more hours of knitting a day would be easy. Ha! Curse my hands’ slow but inevitable betrayal: I had to slow down to just one hat a day (about 4 hours, depending on the hat size). That worked out pretty well and I got into quite a groove of Netflicking The West Wing, Inspector Lewis, and Murder She Wrote while thinking shiny thoughts about the awesome fans who showed their appreciation both for our handknits and for the independent DIY spirit that Firefly embodies. We got many awesome messages along with the orders:

“I just saw the news that FOX is cracking down on individuals that are selling unlicensed “cunning” hats…so I just had to find one! Here’s hoping you don’t get shut down by “the man”!

“Damn the man!”

“As a firefly/serenity fan, I am interested in purchasing one of your Jayne hats. I recently read about the stupid FOX crackdown on Jayne hats, and would like to know if it is possible for me to purchase one before the Alliance tries to shut you down too? I would LOVE a hat!”

“I much prefer to know my hat is knit with love.”

“I would rather wait to get a great product made with care by great people and fans like yourself, rather than a certain faceless corporation bullying the fans around for a product based on a franchise that they pulled off the air themselves and aren’t even actively using. Stay shiny!”

“Being able to walk down a street and have everyone know you’re not afraid of anything is worth the wait.”

semiotic_pirate posted this photo

semiotic_pirate 's cunning hat photo semiotic_piratehat_zps4f31a939.jpg

and tweeted: “Just arrived pkg of joy! Thanks @TheAnneArchy – I feel… cunning. Muhaha! @NathanFillion hand knit misbehavior.”

“I am looking forward to increasing my cunning levels.”

“For three days after he was born, my baby would only stay awake long enough to eat if we sang ‘The Hero of Canton’ or played it on my iPhone, so I want to make sure he has a cunning hat that he can wear, I already got him the best stroller from the babystroller reviews.”

“I aim to misbehave!”

rogerwhitson cunning instagram photo rogerwhitsoncunninginstagram_zps15004ee9.png

“I’ve read about the ‘Jayne hat’ problems you guys are having around etsy, so I decided to buy one, just to make a statement. After all, us browncoats are rebels, right?”

“Anything to screw with the suits from Fox.”

“Thank you – I love Firefly and I abhor Fox’s attempt to ban a *hat*; I mean, for goodness sake!”

“To the hero of Canton! I am glad that you are still misbehaving!

“Keep on misbehaving!”

“Thank you for making these. I just read about the licensing problems dealing with think geek and fox and I immediately set out to find an authentic one. I really appreciate the hard work and care you put into this.”

“Huzzah! Such a cunning hat.”

And my favorite, which can handily be sung to the Firefly theme:

“Take our sites, tie our hands, make all our handmade hats banned – We don’t care, you can trust – You can’t take the yarn from us!”

Has a kind of poetry to it, doesn’t it?

So, we are now done knitting these many hats! We are so thankful to all the Browncoats!

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  1. Anne, You’re a total superstar!! I kept seeing these hats in your Flickr stream and couldn’t figure out why you were making so many. Even though we own the Firefly dvds I’ve never seen more than a few episodes, so alas I do not get all the references or even what this hat is. But perhaps this will be the summer we watch it all. Anyway, I think this is really awesome. Go you and your hands must be happy for a break!

    1. Thanks, Sarah! You should absolutely watch Firefly – there are barely any episodes since it got canceled so quickly, and it’s so funny and awesome! And I do feel like this was quite an accomplishment!

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