Who are you?

  • I’m Anne, librarian by day, living in mid-Michigan
  • I’m an ardent feminist and working every day to find ways to dismantle White Supremacy
  • I believe in being awesome and spreading that awesome around

What do you make?

  • I strive to create lovely, carefully crafted knitting patterns
  • I write patterns for Blythe, Middie Blythe, and Petite Blythe, as well as some for humans and their spaces
  • Have an idea for a pattern you’d like to see? Let me know!

Where can I find your patterns?

Do you have any free patterns?

Do you do other stuff?

  • I do! I have a blog that covers a bunch of my interests including gardening, Blythe, knitting, book reviews, movies, and other stuff
  • I make art quilts
  • I review books for Booklist

What are your soc meeds?