Pay-it-forward results!

This morning I did the drawings (actually random number generators) for the nine dresses I posted as a pay-it-forward. I’ve noted here where the person commented, as there were comments on a couple of the places this posted (all entries were weighted evenly).

And the winners are:

  • A (green dress) – Sal Dean (Facebook)
  • B (pink floral hankie dress) – Donna Hyland Tkachuk (Facebook)
  • C (pink knits dress) – Julieta A (Youtube)
  • D (floral top dress) – Mandy Riggs (blog)
  • E (sweater top dress) – Elisia Von Finsterwald (Facebook)
  • F (faux suede top dress) – Pipa V (Youtube)
  • G (brown dress) – Colleen Vaught (Facebook)
  • H (apron dress) – Heather Roy (Facebook)
  • I (floral under pink dress) – Robyn McMurry (blog)

Congratulations, folks! If you are a winner, please contact me with your shipping info! šŸ™‚


Serena Sweater Coat for Blythe

It’s a new pattern!

Serena Coat for Blythe

Another coat, this time with a more a-line shape and some strategically placed rows of garter stitch to emphasize the princess style. It’s worked all in one piece – the body worked flat and the sleeves picked up and worked in the round – and requires NO SEAMING (and everyone rejoices!).

Pick up this pattern on Ravelry, Etsy, LoveKnitting, and Craftsy.


Blythe dress pay-it-forward

Blythe dress pay-it-forward

It’s time for a Blythe pay-it-forward!
I’ve been making dresses just for funsies, and now I’m giving them away in a pay-it-forward. Check out the Blythe Pay-it-forward group.

Leave a comment with your name and the one(s) you’d like to win – I’ll do a random drawing for each dress. Let me know what you like about it/them! I’ll do the drawing on Sunday, July 8. Shipping is on me, and international is just fine.


Raindrops and Umbrellas Blythe Swap

May’s Blythe Swap theme was Raindrops and Umbrellas – perfect for spring here in North America. I swapped with Carrie, who is an awesome swap partner (we’ve swapped before), so I was really excited. We both agreed that things that are garden-related fit right into this theme as well.

I received such an amazing package! Carrie included outfits for both Neo and Middie Blythe, as well as a bunch of cute accoutrements and even furniture!

Raindrops and Umbrellas Blythe Swap - what I received

I also had a lot of fun making things for Carrie. I had found some vintage hankies and scarves at recent estate sales, so I used those to make some of the dresses I sent. Of course I also made some handknits!

Raindrops and Umbrellas Blythe Swap - what I sent


new free pattern! Oryx Scarf

Oryx Scarf

I recently attended a conference, which means I needed a project to work on so I could focus and listen attentively during long days of sitting in one spot (nothing to do with my hands often means me being distracted by my phone and/or everything else except what I’m supposed to be paying attention to). I had some really lovely gradient yarn in my stash in fingering weight, which is my favorite weight for this type of project: the yarn cake is small enough to be easy to travel with and the yarn is an ideal thickness to work with without my reading glasses on/without paying a ton of attention.

So, here’s the Oryx Scarf! A free pattern I’m happy to share with you. It’s a simple 6-row repeat that’s easy to memorize, and you just keep on knitting until you reach the end of your skein or it’s as long as you want it to be. Pick up this pattern on Ravelry, LoveKnitting, and Craftsy.


new pattern: Joy Coat for Blythe

Joy Coat for Blythe

It’s not quite the season here in North America, but it’s winter in plenty of other places, so here’s a new winter coat pattern for Blythe.

You can make this coat all in one colorway, or choose to use two contrasting yarns to show off the collar, placket, hem, and cuffs. It’s up to you and you can make it your own.

Grab this pattern on Etsy, Ravelry, LoveKnitting, and Craftsy.