getting it together, Blythe clothing edition

I have finally, finally gotten a system of organization going for my Blythe wardrobe.


I started out with the shoes. Prior to now, I was storing these in a smaller plastic organizer box, but I decided to switch them out to this larger one since it wasn’t full with what it was holding before.

Blythe shoes and socks have been gathered and organized! πŸ‘πŸ‘ŸπŸ˜ƒ #blythe #blythedoll

Isn’t that pleasingly tidy? Of course, practically right after I did that, I got some new socks, so I ended up with far more than would fit in that one section of the shoe box.

Blythe wardrobe reorganization

Luckily, Joann happened to be having a big sale (which they almost always are), so I was able to use a combination of sales and coupons to get another organizer box for 80% off!

Blythe socks reorganized

Ahhh, so soothing, having them all just so. I am also finding it much easier to use them when I can actually find what I’m looking for and see what I have.

On to the clothing! I used some more Joann discounts to get two three-drawer units for Blythe clothing.

More Blythe clothes reorganized

Before this, I was storing all of my Blythe wardrobe in one scrapbook paper box. Each item was in a ziploc bag, which kept them well protected, but made it difficult to see what I have.

Blythe wardrobe reorganization

It was also crowded and I’d always have to empty the whole thing to find any one piece. Frustrating!

I was originally thinking I only needed one three-drawer unit, but after filling those three drawers I quickly decided to get a second one. Stacked, they fit right under my photo table, and this way I have things well organized and I can find what I’m looking for very quickly.

Blythe clothing drawers collage

Going clockwise from the upper left above, we have one drawer each for:

  • Middie clothes (I need many more of these! Must start sewing and designing and knitting) (the few petite clothes I have are also in here)
  • accessories including scarves, bags, and kerchiefs
  • costumes (huzzah for Blythe Swap! I love these costumes that people have made me over the years)
  • hats and sweaters (I have kept surprisingly few sweaters for myself, though I’ve knit over two hundred! must remedy this) (most of the hats I have were made by others for me as well – gotta get knitting)
  • separates, including tops, skirts, and pants
  • dresses

  • I am so excited to have things so organized! Have you noticed the joy that organization brings me? It’s not to be underestimated.


    clang clang clang went the Cable Car Hat

    Ding ding ding (not really) went my knitting needles making this hat that I totally love. I designed it to have a really luxurious-feeling ribbed brim, which can be folded up if you wish or worn as is if you prefer it that way. For some reason a generous brim really adds a feeling of quality to a hat!

    Cable Car Hat

    In the same spirit, I also designed it to include a cable braid pattern that feels deluxe. It’s not complicated and the pattern can easily be memorized, but the result looks more complicated than that, I think.

    Cable Car Hat

    Using this bulky yarn also makes this hat knit up very quickly! A handful of hours catching up on The Great British Bake Off and Jessica Jones, and you’re finished!

    Cable Car Hat - Plum

    If you’d like to make this hat, the pattern is just a click away at Etsy, Ravelry, LoveKnitting, and Craftsy.

    little red bows

    I recently noticed some tiny red bows in the dollar bins at Target. They are meant to be xmas package decoration, I think, and they came with little double-sided foam tape dots on them. These dots were just barely sticking to them in the first place, though, so they were super easy to peel off. The bows are made of felt and that doesn’t always stick to tape very well.

    I’m always on the lookout for Blythe-sized things and these definitely are. After I got them home and de-tape-dot-ed them, I grabbed the E-6000 and some tiny red hair clips. A small amount of drying time later and voila:

    Little red bow hairclips I made today

    Pretty cute, eh? Perfect for the holiday season, too. I only made two, figuring that I rarely desire more than two of any particular hair accoutrement, so I have the other four bows (they came in a six-pack) left for future crafty projects or to make into clips and give as gifts.

    Little red bow hairclips I made today

    Review: Just Add Watercolor

    Just Add Watercolor

    Just Add Watercolor by Helen Birch offers “inspiration & painting techniques from contemporary artists.” I am not a painter, nor do I think I’ll take it up anytime soon, but I adore this book regardless. It is set up so that each double page spread is a combination of information about a particular technique or strategy for using watercolors along with a lovely work of art that illustrates the technique or strategy.

    I find it interesting to read about these techniques even though I’m not using them – some of the underlying philosophies and ideas translate to other forms of art and creativity. I also find the artwork featured in this book to be very inspiring. They vary quite a lot in style and feeling, but (perhaps because they were selected [or created?] to typify a specific idea, each one provides a connection for the viewer. Despite their relatively small size (the book is only about 5.5″ x 7.5″), I found myself drawn in when looking at each piece. (I will admit that much of my favorite picture book art uses gouache, and a lot of these use that.) I definitely see this as a book I’ll keep at hand to peruse and to use as inspiration for other creative endeavors.

    Full disclosure: I received this book from Blogging for Books.

    WIP Wednesday: moths have arrived

    After last week’s playing around, I decided on placement for the moths and started sewing them on.

    Art quilt WIP

    I decided to do this by hand, so that I could get a less uniform look to the stitching. (Also, lifting the presser foot a billionty times for each of these did not sound like fun.) I am super pleased with the result!

    Art quilt WIP

    I don’t do much hand sewing very often, but I find it really in-the-zone-putting when I do make time for it. Note to self: do more hand-stitching! I watched a ton of Jane AKA maidensuit‘s videos about Blythe stuff while I did this stitching and the time flew by. I also got inspired to make the skirts that I posted about on Monday!

    Art quilt WIP

    I used a variety of freehand stitch patterns to sew these moths on, and I pretty much stuck to just sewing on their bodies (thoraxes? thoraces? thesauri?) and then adding the antennae. I may decide to do some more stitching on the wings, especially of some of the larger ones that want to flop around more – I’m still considering what I want to do with that.

    skirts, glorious skirts

    I wasn’t feeling well this weekend (foodborne illness?) but I did manage to get some sewing done. Given that I wasn’t at 100%, I decided to just play around a little and see what I came up with.

    Prototype #blythe tutu/crinoline - pretty pleased with this first try #blythedoll #annearchy

    I’ve been inspired by Jane AKA maidensuit‘s videos about Blythe styling, and if she has one major key tip, it’s this: layers! I don’t have that many separates that aren’t knitted, so I thought that making some petticoat/crinoline style skirts would be a good place to start. For this first one, I used a remnant of netting that I found at Joann. It has sparkles in it, which is lovely, but there are of course now bits of glitter on EVERY surface in CraftyTown. Dmitri Martin wasn’t wrong, yo. For this skirt I used a new-to-me style of elastic Joann calls ruched. I like how it works for a skirt made of a non-fraying fabric like netting (because, the way I made it at least, you do end up with a raw edge behind the waist band).

    Another tutu/crinoline, this time with a different elastic waistband #blythe #blythedoll #annearchy

    For the next one, I used this lovely dotted lace in an antique/cream color. This time I used a fold-over elastic that was also new to me – it’s the type of stuff that a lot of places are selling lengths of as hairbands these days (or looks like to me, anyway). I’m very pleased with how that worked! You can steam the elastic gently to encourage the fold, and it works nicely to hide the raw edge at the waist.

    Little a-line skirt for #blythe with diamond embroidery accent #blythedoll #annearchy

    This one was an experiment with some of the non-cotton (what I usually buy) they carry at Joann. I am always a little skeptical of the bargain section. A lot of the fabrics there aren’t okay with being ironed and they tend to be in some degree of rough shape. This one looked okay, though, at least okay enough for the quantity I needed to make a skirt. I embellished the diamond pattern with a little embroidery, which I think turned out quite well. For this skirt I used my stand-by knee-length lined a-line wrap skirt pattern (that I made up ages ago).

    Making Blythe skirts 🎢 making Blythe skirts 🎢 la la la #blythe #blythedoll #annearchy

    Finally, this one is another using a Joann bargain fabric. I would normally steer clear of a laser-cut fabric and probably also of an ultrasuede(ish) material, but I think it works well here. This skirt uses that same fold over elastic that the dotted lace one does, but it’s not gathered at all, so the waist band is quite smooth in comparison. (I’m not using the elastic as elastic here – the skirt fastens with a snap.) I used an antique-y looking quilting cotton for the underskirt/lining, and I think it works really well.

    Overall I’m quite pleased with the results of my playing around! I’m not putting any of these up for sale right now as I’m trying to build my own Blythe wardrobe a bit, but if anyone is interested in a custom order, please let me know!

    FO Friday: Tilting Blocks Baby Blanket

    There’s something about a small blanket that is super satisfying to knit.

    Tilting Blocks Baby Blanket

    This one uses the Tilting Blocks pattern, which works so well with this all-cotton yarn (Dishie from Knit Picks). I also love all-cotton yarn for a baby blanket, since it can be thrown in the washing machine and dryer with no worries.

    Tilting Blocks Baby Blanket

    I also love the fun pattern of the knitting. It also seems a good size for a stroller blanket, I think. This one was a gift to our friends M and S and their little one.

    Tilting Blocks Baby Blanket

    Review: Paper Goods Projects

    Paper Goods Projects
    Paper Goods Projects (a super make-it book) touts itself as featuring coffee filter flowers, doily butterflies, cupcake paper cards, and 57 more crafts made with supermarket finds. These things are all true, but I feel like the book sort of doesn’t exactly know its own identity. Is it a book for adults making things for their kids? Or for kids to make themselves?

    The cover depicts an adorable milk carton town, clearly carefully constructed by an adult with a fair amount of artistic talent, or at the very least a skilled aesthetic eye. Many, if not all, of the projects in this book could be made by an adult or a child or combination thereof, but many of them suffer from Martha Stewart Syndrome – they have been so meticulously made that your result at home will never, ever look anywhere near as artful or professional (note: this makes sense, as the author was a craft editor for Martha Stewart Living magazine). Yours will be fine, but they won’t look like the ones pictured. I do think that many of the projects would actually look cooler if a kid made them, because they’d probably include some more vibrant color and creative outside-the-lines embellishments. This is to say: the projects themselves are JUST FINE and perfectly appropriate for kids, it’s just that the examples are too precise to seem like realistic goals. Maybe folks want their examples to be more aspirational than doable? It’s entirely possible that I’m just burned out on Pinterest-perfect images and that these examples are totally cool.

    I received a review copy of this book through Blogging for Books.

    WIP Wednesday: moths en route

    I finally made some more time for my art quilt project this past weekend! It seems like I spend about 90% of my art quilt time thinking about/wishing I was working on it, and only 10% actually getting to work on it. It’s been a busy season and there’s just too many things to do for the number of non-work hours I have in the day.

    My idea for this part of the quilt is to have moths flying at the figure, approaching her from the direction of the moon. I did some preliminary placement of the moths this weekend, though I’m not totally wed to this placement yet.

    Art quilt WIP

    I may play around with it some more before I start sewing them on.

    Art quilt WIP

    It’s cardigan season

    When is it NOT cardigan season, though, really, right?

    Long Cardigan for Blythe

    I love a long, cozy cardigan. They’re great for layering and I survive on being able to control my temperature by adding or removing a cardi.

    Long Cardigan for Blythe

    Adding a cardigan to a favorite dress or ensemble is like making a whole new outfit.

    Long Cardigan for Blythe

    I especially like a roomy cardigan like this one for Blythe, because so many of the dresses and tops I have for her take up a little bit of space, so a top layer that has some extra room is perfect.

    Long Cardigan for Blythe

    Ready to knit a luxurious, long cardigan for your Blythe? The pattern is ready on Etsy, Ravelry, LoveKnitting, and Craftsy.