Marvelous Millicent

Millicent Hat

Looking for a cute cat hat for cosplay or everyday? Here you go! (Could also be a different animal if you wish!) Knit with worsted weight yarn, this hat is quick to knit and the ears are picked up, so there’s no seaming! It’s easy and you could make one in each of your favorite colors. Pattern includes three adult sizes, the smallest of which will work for many kids and most teens.

Slink over to Ravelry, LoveKnitting, Etsy, and Craftsy to get your paws on this pattern.


review: Quilted Celebrations

Quilted Celebrations

Quilted Celebrations: 18 Designs to Capture Life’s Milestones with Needle and Thread by Amanda Murphy

There’s virtually no limit to the number of occasions on which you could gift a quilt. Murphy includes ten designs for new baby, birthdays, religious rites, graduation, wedding, anniversary, and commemorating a life here. She also includes ideas for personalizing the quilt to the specific recipient. These ten projects utilize a variety of quilt blocking techniques, and could easily be adapted to suit another occasion or no occasion at all. Templates are included.

full disclosure: I borrowed this book from the East Lansing Public Library via the MeLCat interlibrary loan system


review: Colour Confident Stitching

Colour Confident Stitching

Colour Confident Stitching: How to create beautiful colour palettes by Karen Barbé

Color is such a big part of so many creative projects. Barbé starts out with a primer on color theory, so even if you haven’t studied art, you’ll have the basics. She then moves into using color in the world as inspiration and how to capture the colors you have seen elsewhere in the materials you’ll use to make. Finally, she offers five projects with instructions so you can make them yourself and see the concepts from the book illustrated. DMC color numbers are listed for the sample palettes included.

full disclosure: I borrowed this book from the Baldwin Public Library via the MeLCat interlibrary loan system


review: Everyday Watercolor

Everyday Watercolor

Everyday Watercolor: Learn to paint watercolor in 30 days by Jenna Rainey

Like a lot of folks, I’ve always admired the beauty of watercolor paintings and I feel like it’s a medium that appears to be more simple than it is – it’s not that it’s hard to use, but it’s hard to use well. This book takes you from color theory and other basics through the essential techniques all the way to complex layering. Each of five sections offers half a dozen daily assignments so you can build your skills and, as you add on to your previous knowledge, build a repertoire of techniques that will allow you to do whatever you want with watercolor. Each assignment includes the amount of time required to complete it, most of which are an hour or less.

full disclosure: I received a review copy of this book from Blogging for Books


review: Indoor Edible Garden

Indoor Edible Garden

Indoor Edible Garden: Creative ways to grow herbs, fruit, and vegetables in your home by Zia Allaway

Who doesn’t want to have fresh plants to eat all year round? I for sure do! I have to admit that my raised bed garden has gone neglected the last couple of years – I keep planting, but then I get caught up with other parts of the garden and other projects and end up ignoring the raised bed. This doesn’t bode super well for my success growing things indoors, but perhaps if I were focused on it when the rest of the garden is asleep for the winter, I might do better. This book goes from start to finish, so you can start with finding the best growing spots in your home based on access to light and areas that tend to be cooler than average and go all the way through to harvest. As you might guess, choice of containers and soils is also important and are included here as well. The beautiful photos of flourishing houseplants are inspiring and will have you imagining your own indoor edible garden and the meals you could make from it.

full disclosure: I borrowed this book from the Lenawee District Library through the MeLCat interlibrary loan system


Halloween Blythe Swap!

The Halloween Blythe Swap was a lot of fun again this year! My partner has now had the chance to post her photos of her received package, so I, in turn, was able to upload my video of what I sent to her.

What I sent:

And what I received:

Thanks to both my partners, Jane and Jenna, for such an awesome swap!


free pattern for November!

Here’s another freebie and it’s another super easy shawl to make when you don’t want to pay a lot of attention to your knitting.

Teasel Shawl

This one can be made to whatever size you want it to be, but I have usually made it with one skein of yarn approximately 400 yards in length. It shows off variegated yarn really nicely, like the one pictured here made with Knit Picks Chroma Fingering.

This free pattern is available on Ravelry, LoveKnitting, and Craftsy.


review: Color Index XL

Color Index XL

Color Index XL: More than 1,100 new palettes with CMYK and RGB formulas for designers and artists by Jim Krause

If you’re a designer or work with color in some other way, this book may be a handy tool. It is exactly what the subtitle says: it’s a collection of color palettes you can use to create a professional and pleasing look to the things you make. Each page has four versions of a palette – bright, light, dark, and muted – which include a lovely color image accompanied by the CMYK and RGB codes for each color used. The designs which demonstrate each palette are reminiscent of the tangram puzzles you may have enjoyed as a kid and may also be used as inspiration for creators. I can definitely see myself using this book as a tool while designing quilts and knitting designs. In addition to being useful, this book is also fun to flip through as a sort of art piece, if you’re into this sort of thing.

full disclosure: I received a review copy of this book from Blogging for Books