review: Punderdome


Punderdome: A Card Game for Pun Lovers by Jo Firestone and Fred Firestone

It’s a game! Not a book! I’ll start by saying that I LOVE PUNS. I am a fan of dad jokes, groaners, and knee slappers, so I was really looking forward to this game being super fun.

This game gives you two stacks of cards – you choose one from each pile and then everyone tries to make a pun that connects the two concepts/things featured on each of those cards. For example, your two cards might have the words ‘cats’ and ‘laundry’ on them, and each player has to write down their best pun related to both cats and laundry in 90 seconds. We played this game with seven people earlier this week and while it was a fun time and we had some good lols, it was definitely not a game that I will pick to play on a regular basis. Making puns is the bread and butter of pretty much everyone who was playing, but making them in conversation is a different thing than trying to come up with them totally out of context and possibly about topics that you have no knowledge of/interest in. There were many rounds where one or more of us did not come up with anything within the 90 second time limit and had to pass for that turn. We also found that the examples provided were often super long and seemed almost impossible that you’d be able to actually write it all down in 90 seconds, let alone have time to come up with it. Our answers were much more likely to be one short sentence or even just a phrase.

The physical game is attractive, but there are some design choices that we questioned. The two stacks of cards have a different color on one side (and thus need to stay separate), but that side needs to remain hidden as the keywords are on the face. Easy, except that on the reverse of the card is the warm-up question for each round, which theoretically also needs to remain hidden until the start of each round. How do you hide both sides of both stacks? Not impossible but kind of annoying. It would have been easy to put both the warm-up and the key word on the same side of the card, or make a third stack of cards containing the warm-ups (which were not related to the key words on the flip side, at least that we could tell). Another weird choice is to require a 90 second timer but not to include it. We ended up using the timer on a smartphone, but it was kind of irritating to have to keep waking the phone up throughout the game, and would it have been that difficult to include a timer in the game itself? It just feels odd to have a required element of the game not included. The box claims that this game will replace Cards Against Humanity, but none of us felt that this was likely. It was entertaining but the flaws make it one that we probably won’t pick up again anytime soon.

Full disclosure: I received a review copy of this game from Blogging for Books


field trip! Lavender Fleece Farm

Last weekend I took a field trip with the Isabella Fiber Arts Guild to Lavender Fleece Farm, which is located just outside Midland, MI (about an hour from home).

It was a gorgeous day – the first really lovely weekend day we’ve had in April this year. Lavender Fleece Farm‘s proprietor showed us around despite the fact that she was also helping a ewe through a difficult birth that morning! We saw lots of adorbs sheep and lambs, perused the farm shop, and learned a lot about both sheep and lavender. We also went down the road to the Heritage Flock Fiber Mill and learned about the services available there. I also happened to run into one of Midwest Boston Terrier Rescue’s amazing volunteers (who was there as a customer of the Fiber Mill) and we had a lovely chat about our pooches. More pics on flickr!

Ewes and lambs at Lavender Fleece Farm

Fleece at Lavender Fleece Farm

In addition to some yarn (which I justified by making plans to use it for knitting gifts) I also picked up a lovely lavender bowl (she also makes pottery!):

Lavender Fleece Farm bowl

Such a lovely, fun day!


take note!

This weekend I made time to pull out one of the Dog Under My Desk patterns that I hadn’t yet made: the Notepad Organizer.

Notepad Organizer -  pattern by Dog Under My Desk

I just adore this fabric (from Spoonflower) and I think it turned out quite well! I’ve been on a kick of using fabric from my stash instead of shopping and I’m finding lots of fun stuff I forgot I had.

Notepad Organizer -  pattern by Dog Under My Desk

Of course I don’t happen to have any of the right sized notepads on hand, but I will find one soon enough, I’m sure.

Having made that one according to the pattern, I then couldn’t resist adapting it to make a larger one that will fit an 8.5 x 11″ notepad.

Notepad Organizer, modified to fit 8.5x11" notebook - pattern by Dog Under My Desk

I did some excellent math to figure out how to make it the right size, and it totally worked!

Notepad Organizer, modified to fit 8.5x11" notebook - pattern by Dog Under My Desk

It’s maybe a little taller than it would have to be, but I wanted to have some leeway so that any loose papers wouldn’t risk having their edges poking out.

We recently started playing a D and D campaign with our trivia teammates and it has been great fun so far! I will be using the large notepad organizer to hold my character sheets and any other related stuff. Here is our crew on a recent quest:

Ongoing campaign

My character is a gnome sorcerer but I haven’t found a good mini yet, so for the time being, I’m being represented by an Adipose. K is an elf ranger, currently in the guise of a Dalek. There is no shortage of Who-related minis around our place, but we have room to improve our collection of fantasy-based ones!


Ticket to Ride

We went to the latest meetup of the Mount Pleasant Board/Card Game Group last weekend and learned to play my new favorite game, Ticket to Ride.

Ticket to Ride

I’d heard that it was a fun game but never had a chance to play it until now. It was nice that several friends also came (four of the six FunderAchievers were there, actually!) and we felt right at home. The night before, we watched the TableTop episode featuring this game, which was both a great explanation of the basic rules and an entertaining show featuring several people we like.

We played two rounds of this game, and I tied for winner on the first game! I think we’ll definitely pick it up for ourselves pretty soon, since we had such a good time playing it.

We also tried out my pal Kristin’s newly acquired edition of the Murder She Wrote Board Game. Dun dun DUN!

Murder She Wrote board game

While this game is definitely fun for a fan of MSW purely on principle, it is definitely not the most well thought-out game I’ve ever played. It’s quite complicated and there are a TON of rules and things to remember purely about gameplay. It also features creepy generic illustrated characters like the one pictured above (apparently they could only get a license for Angela Lansbury’s image, since none of the other usuals are included). Lucky for us, Kristin solved the case pretty quickly, so the murdered was caught and did not get to make a motorboat escape. Phew!


Welcome to Wampty

I’ve been playing the latest Animal Crossing game pretty much daily since it came out last year, and I’m still really enjoying it.

field of cosmos in Wampty

I’ve been on a non-stop gardening spree, so Wampty is very flowery. And tree-y and shrubby. I discovered that during some of the island tour games, you can fill your pockets with flowers and then transfer them to the cabana basket in order to access them back in your town, so I have stocked up a few times that way in addition to purchasing flowers at the Nook shops.

Wampty Hot Springs

I’ve enjoyed playing with others remotely, as well as with Karl via wifi. Now that Susan has the game, too, I am looking forward to playing with her on a regular basis. I recently met up with Trixie aka Melissa, which was super fun! We’d been talking about it on Twitter for awhile but finally got around to trading friend codes and visiting each other’s towns. It’s so interesting to see how every person has arranged their town! Do you want to visit Wampty? Let me know and we’ll meet up!

welcome to Wampty



Last weekend a couple friends of mine came into town and we had a few hours to get breks and go shopping. Downtown Plymouth was having a “Diva Day” with sales and stuff, so I recommended that we go there. First we grabbed some food at the Omelette and Waffle Cafe (I highly recommend the fresh squeezed OJ) and then walked around. We stopped in a little shop I’d heard of but never been to before, Eclectic Attic. They had a vintage glass pineapple in the window that caught my eye (like this but with orange and yellow glass), though I got distracted by other cool stuff as soon as we walked in (as well as by their shop schnoodle, Mac, who was adorable and super friendly) and forgot about the pineapple. I did, however, find a new lunch bag:

new lunchbag

Cute, eh? It’s made from recycled grain bags, which is pretty cool, and it should be extremely easy to keep clean. Woot! I’ll definitely be going back to that shop again, as they stock a ton of neat stuff in reasonable price ranges.