Acorns Everywhere!

Acorns Everywhere Acorns Everywhere! by Kevin Sherry

Right up front: I have an affection for squirrels. They’re cute and furry and have those tiny little hand-like paws with which they hold objects. And they have that tendency to stop, look around, and then go back to what they’re doing. How can you resist that?

Secondly: Did you read I’m the Biggest Thing in the Ocean? If not, run right now and do it right now, because you’re missing out. (ITBTITO was Sherry’s first picture book.)

I’m not usually a huge fan of illustrations that incorporate bits of photographs into non-photograph scenes. It’s not easy to make that technique work and it very rarely does (Knuffle Bunny is the prime example of it working). Sherry pulls it off here, though, with real hardcore acorn footage used with a goofy, adorable watercolor and ink Squirrel. The snippets of text on each page (“gather!” “dig!” “bury!”) match the pace of an actual squirrel’s activity as does the repetition. Sherry manages to squeeze a lot of emotion into the sparse lines of Squirrel’s facial expressions (as well as those of the other animals). This is a fun read with plenty of detail to find away from the primary action.

Recommended. Reviewed from library copy.


Sugar Bush Squirrel

How on earth did I not find this last week?! Today my dear hub brought to my attention the existence of one Sugar Bush Squirrel, International Superstar. She is, if you didn’t know, a real squirrel who lives with an adoring woman who has made her the world’s most photographed squirrel. One of her favorite hobbies is illustrating popular news stories (to great comedic effect). She also dresses in the guise of popular culture figures:
gangster squirrel Harry Potter squirrel

I’m not sure how comfortable I am with her apparent penchant for the military, but she does seem to have some geek cred:
Star Trek squirrel Star Wars squirrel

And anyone who will dress like a pirate has gotta be at least a little bit okay:
pirate squirrel

In anticipation of our upcoming trip to Disney, I leave you with this:
Snow White squirrel


SAW Thursday- etsy squirrels

Get me ones of those squirrels! Etsy is one of my favorite sites for just lookin’ around, seeing what neat stuff people have come up with. It’s also a treasure trove of squirrely goodness!

tiny squirrel pincushion
tiny squirrel pincushion by TrackandFieldDesigns
This super kawaii fabric is perfect for a little mini pillow-esque pincushion.

Let 'Em Down Easy cards
Let ‘Em Down Easy squirrel cards by ScotiaMade
These cards are hilarious! The messages are funny and the silhouetted squirrel delivering them makes them all the more effective.

wood squirrel puzzle
squirrel puzzle by usnavyretiredvet
We totally had one of these when I was a kid! (We had some other ones, too, but I definitely remember the squirrel.)

squirrel print (male) squirrel lady print
squirrel print and squirrel lady print by berkleyillustration
I used this squirrel illustration on the inaugural day of Squirrel Awareness Week this year, and then I found that it is actually a print, for sale, along with a matching lady squirrel print. I really want to get these for my office.

rock squirrel note pad
rock squirrel note pad by boygirlparty
Rawk! I can just see this guy start to duck walk.

squirrel girl print
squirrel girl print by theblackapple
This style of illustration is so appealing, and works so well for the conceit.

And last but not least, a little shameless self-promotion:
Squirrel Wrist Purse by AnneArchy
Actually, my sistrah created this one, so it’s only semi-self, I guess. Mega cute, eh?


SAW Wednesday-squirrel papercraft

Happy Wednesday, everysquirrel! Today we’re looking at papercraft squirrels. I didn’t find as many of these as I’d hoped, but those I did find are pretty sweet.

Steampunk papercraft squirrel:
#11 the magnificent steampowered squirrel
This squirrel is badass.

Squirrel Toilet Paper Roll Craft:
Squirrel Toilet Paper Roll Craft
This is one for all ages and skill levels! His face is slightly too kitten-ish for my taste, but do think he’s pretty cute in general.

Paper Squirrel Favors:
Paper Squirrel Favors
This is, n’est-ce pas, from Martha Stewart, but despite the anal-retentive neatness of it, the squirrels are really cute, so hunchy over their treats.

Little Acorn Valentine:
Little Acorn Valentine
How cyute is this?! I totally dig the effort that paper cutting like this entails.