As you probably know, this coming Friday (9/19) is International Talk Like a Pirate Day. We like to celebrate TLPD at my place of work by dressing up in costume, flying the Jolly Roger, and giving away pirate booty. Last year I did not get my shit together to find pirate gear, so this year I planned a bit in advance.

I found a neat website that offers information for those who want to Knit Like a Pirate and gathered the materials to make a felted tricorn hat. Lucky for me, Joann was having a well-timed coupon sale and I was able to grab the yarn for a tidy discount. It was also exceptionally easy to make and it only took me a couple days to complete the knitting.

When you’re making something that will be felted, you know academically that it needs to be huge in order to end up the proper size, but this thing was gigantic! I could literally have worn it as a skirt were it not closed at the top.
pirate hat pre-felting

The felting process was quick and easy and it didn’t take very many cycles in the washer before it was the right size. I grabbed one of my handy hat blockers, shaped the brim (I tacked it into place with thread to make sure it stayed in place), and am now letting it dry. It’s been so humid the past couple days that it’s still slightly damp, but hopefully the next few days will be drier so it’ll be comfortable to wear on Friday.
pirate hat blocking

I do need to find some accoutrements to define it as a pirate hat (rather than a town crier or other tricorn enthusiast). Perhaps a skull’n’crossbones, or maybe a feather?


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