thrift horror!

I just stumbled across absolute hilarity: Thrift Horror at SheWalksSoftly. She shares some ridiculous thrift store finds, neatly categorized for maxiumum comic effect. Some popular themes include Disgraceful Shell Art, Clowns, Ceramic Nightmares, Crotch Storage, Unholy Chimeras, and Bunnies. As someone who worked for a number of years in a thrift store (Mount Pleasant Goodwill, represent!), seeing these monstrosities really brings back the memories. I can’t even choose one image to represent the variety of weirdness here, so just head on over and check it totally out.

Have you seen any xmas thrift horrors? She’s doing a Yuletide theme next month, so send any horrific holiday photo evidence her way.


4 thoughts on “thrift horror!

  1. Thanks so much for posting this! It makes me really happy to know that people enjoyed THRIFT HORROR week (for some reason I always want to type that in all caps…to emphasize the *horror*). I’m really glad you like the blog. Please keep reading/commenting. It’s wonderful to see that others share my twisted sensibilities!

  2. OH MY GOSH – I really don’t have words for some of these.
    You know what’s scary? I SWEAR that I saw some of these items, or something totally similar, at various relatives’ houses over the years. My dad’s sister had these Picasso-esq paintings in her basement that still make me think twice about how “merry” Christmas really is b/c they scared the hell out of me every year.
    Also, my daughter has a t-shirt and stickers from I may have to share this post with her – she’ll be freaked out!

  3. Thank YOU, Dana, for posting them in the first place! I am very much looking forward to seeing more in the future!

  4. Aren’t they insane, Amy? I agree – I have definitely seen similar items in the homes of neighbors and relatives.

    I’ve never seen before – that is awesome!!

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