good bugs

After finding aphids on my potato blossoms, I decided to order some ladybugs and praying mantis eggs to try to keep some of the pesty insects at bay. They arrived today!

ladybug and praying mantis egg unboxing

They were left on the doorstep, so they definitely experienced some not-cool temperatures, but everything inside seemed okay.

ladybug unboxing

ladybug unboxing

ladybug unboxing

ladybug unboxing

ladybugs on the potatoes

ladybugs on the hyssop

There were a LOT of ladybugs in that bag! They quickly grabbed onto the potatoes, hyssop, and plenty of other plants in the veg beds. Hopefully they’ll hang out in the area and not stray too far. One little lady found the aphids right away!


Hopefully she (or he) ate a big ol’ post-travel meal.

Then I unpacked the mantis eggs, which were slightly less exciting but still kind of neat.

praying mantis eggs

praying mantis eggs

They sure don’t look like much at this point, but hopefully they’ll hatch and make a home in the garden.

More photos at Flickr.


4 thoughts on “good bugs

  1. awesome! i love that you’re using bugs rather than tons of pesticides! i’m always SO hesitant to use them, so the bugs usually win (they’ve conquered one of the rosebushes this year).

    it’s like you brought in some tiny bug assassins. so. cool.

  2. That is so cool! I love it that you had photos taken of you reading the instructions and releasing them. Looks like the ladybugs knew what to do right away! Is each one of those large things an egg or is the egg inside that thing? Praying mantises are really neat looking, I hope to see pictures of them here soon.

  3. Tiny bug assassins – that is the best way EVER to describe it! I’m totally stealing that phrase.

    Karl took the photos for me, Sarah! I thought it would be neat to see the process of setting them free. The poo-looking things are apparently the actual egg cases. They sure don’t look like much yet! I’m not sure how long it’ll take them to hatch, but I’m going to keep a watchful eye. I don’t want to miss them!

  4. Please tell me if they work. My dad is having the same problem in his garden.

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