first Blythe cardi

This weekend I made my first attempt at knitting for Blythe, a simple cardigan. It turned out a bit too large and the sleeves are definitely too long, but I’m considering it not bad for a first try.

Dahlia modeling my first attempt at a Blythe cardigan

18/52: "Um, hello, these sleeves? Really?"

This yarn is a little big, maybe, and I could definitely use a smaller needle with it for a neater result. I also haven’t used this yarn before and didn’t know how it would stripe – these are a bit wide for my taste. Self-striping is also a less-than ideal choice for a sweaters on which the sleeves are knit after the entirety of the body, but I’m not bothered much since this was a test run.

More pics on Flickr
Project details on Ravelry


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