11 for 2011: Blythe Wishlist Meme

BlytheLife recently posted a dolly meme that’s been popular lately, in which one chooses 11 wishlist items for 2011. Fun!

These are all things that I’ve been thinking about for awhile and probably I’ll continue to do so. I don’t have a sense of urgency about any of them, and I figger things will work out when they do, and that’s good enough. Going from left to right, top to bottom:

11 for 2011 dolly wishlist

1. My dream custom mohair reroot Blythe. (This photo is a placeholder since she doesn’t exist yet! I really dig the look of this reroot by Pheisty.)  I’ve been collecting pieces – I’ve got the girl (bald Prima Dolly Aubrey Encore), eyechips, and pull ring charms, so I just need to buy the mohair and send her for rerooting and customizing. I’ll get there someday!

2. Make my girls a classic Doctor Who scarf. (This is NxtDrGrrl‘s cute example.)

3. More progress on the front garden, so it becomes a more versatile place to take Blythe photos.

4. Make time to use more of the awesome fabrics I’ve accumulated, to make more Blythe dresses.

5. Improve my skills at photography, especially refining the lighting and my skills using my lightbox. (This isn’t mine pictured here – but there are a lot of good notes and ideas on this photo!)

6. Acquire some sort of carry case so that I can take a Blythe with my in my purse and not worry about her getting scratched or super static-y. I’m not sure yet what shape/design I want. (The one pictured here is cute!)

7. Acquire or create some sort of efficient but accessible dolly clothing storage closet/system. Right now I keep all my Blythe clothes in Ziploc bags in a scrapbook storage box, but I can’t see what I have at a glance the way I’d like to. The challenge will be figuring out a system that keeps things safe, dust-free, and yet doesn’t take up a lot of real estate. (Isn’t Little Sheep Eep’s closet so cute?)

8. Expand my use of Re-ment and other minis in my Blythe photography. I have a bunch of this stuff and I just hardly ever remember to use it!

9. Acquire some of Laura Lorraine’s hair clippies for my girls.

10. More stripey socks!

11. Keep up with all my awesome Blythe peeps on Flickr, Blythe Kingdom, and Twitter. You are all terrific!


3 thoughts on “11 for 2011: Blythe Wishlist Meme

  1. Hi Anne!

    I’m so happy that you like the reroot on one of my custom dolls, Fiona! I was wondering if you could please give me credit in your blog entry? I don’t mind when people use my pictures (in fact, it makes me very happy!) but I work very hard at my Blythe customizing and sewing business and would appreciate any credit you can give.

    Fiona is a Pheisty MSR custom and her hair is Cotswold Wool root on a Cool Cat Scalp. I personally acid dye each lot and set it at just the right time, and this is how I get the cool variations in color.

    Hope you have a Happy New Year!

    Joey (AKA Pheisty)

    • Thanks for commenting, Joey! My apologies – totally thought I had put a link to your Flickr profile in there but apparently I missed doing it. It’s there now! Thanks for stopping by here. I seriously adore your Fiona’s reroot!! I haven’t learned about Cotswold Wool reroots yet – I’ll be sending you a flickr mail shortly to ask you some questions about my future girl! Happy new year to you, too, and thanks again!

      • No problem, Anne! I’m glad you like Fiona. 😉 Thanks for linking back to me. I like your blog!

        Cotswold wool is awesome, but it does have to be cared for differently than other dolly hair or regular mohair. It has a tendency to get matted after a bit of handling, so you have to condition it with a ph balanced hair conditioner and water (I just use a spray bottle, brush it out, and then let it dry). I find Burt’s Bee’s to be great…and it smells good, too.

        I’ll look for your FM! Thanks, Anne! 🙂

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