nose prints on the window

It’s the holiday weekend! It’s such a good feeling, knowing that though Saturday’s more over than not, there are still two whole days of leisure time left.

When’s the new Project Runway start, already?

The Walk-on-Me (mother of thyme) I planted in the shady side yard has apparently decided not to grow. There are some scattered things growing over there, but I think they’re mostly if not all weeds. It’s possible that there is some actual groundcover growing, but I can hardly tell. I drove to every damn store with plants this morning looking for something else to plant there, but only one store even had any groundcover, and none of it had any labels. Rar! I couldn’t tell what any of it was, and without any sun/shade condition info, I’m not spending money on plants that might just die. I decided to actively ignore the area for awhile.

In happier groundcover news, the red sedum I planted in the front is actually taking off! I had a small planter full of it from a couple years ago – I planted it, never got around to actually putting it in the ground, and it’s been sitting on the deck ever since – and I planted it in with a bunch of new (same variety) plants. The whole deal is really growing now. Yay! It’s a very shady spot and nothing wanted to grow there so I’m mega geeked that this is working.

Also, some of the little white onion-related bulb things that I’ve been steadily transplanting from the back yard to the front are blooming already!

I transplanted a bunch of these last year, and a bunch more this year, now that I know what the pre-flowering part looks like (shiny, almost stripey grass-like foliage). They spread on their own, which is great, since I’m happy to have more of them. I just want them in a place where they won’t get mowed over.

Most of the tulips are done and gone already but those in one spot bloomed later.

These are the only flowers that were already planted at this house when I bought it. I moved them from a semi-random place by the fence (they were all alone amidst a bunch of weeds and a few blades of grass) to next to the front steps. They’re a very dusty pink-purple color with a really cool dark purple color on the inside. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to catch a shot of that interior color.

I’m hoping that we’ve come up with an eventual solution to a minor problem we’ve been having lately. The next-door neighbor’s dog wants to play with our dogs and expresses this by putting its nose through a knot hole in the fence. Of course our pooches take this as a call for Serious Defensive Manouvers, specifically jumping, snarling, barking, raising hackles, and general all-riled-up-edness. Neither of them bark normally and when they get all upset like this, they make these weird Chewbacca noises. Anyway, I’m hoping that we can eventually block access to the knot hole with some plants, which will also add some visual interest to the yard. I planted these five burning bushes this morning.

I’m debating on whether to fill in the knot hole with wood putty.

Logan was being all cute today. Actually sitting still while within arm’s reach for once.

Now for those nose prints–

Brodie’s been keeping an eye on the Dead Lady House progress, hence the filthy windows.
They’ve really been hauling along with said progress. There are three nearly complete dormers on the roof and the roof itself is no longer just beams. I’m still not thrilled with the fleet of big-wheel trucks that daily makes a home on our street, but I am glad to see the house being improved.

I have almost finished my first sweater! I still have to add trim around the collar and sleeves, but need another needle before I can do that.

I’m so geeked to have almost finished my first garment. I made a trip to Joann today to use the special weekend coupon (as well as the regular monthly coupon) and got yarn for two more sweaters! I got all the yarn for two sweaters for less than $40, which I consider to be a good deal. I’ve read that Lion Brand is going to discontinue Cotton Ease, but my Joann still has a ton of it in stock in a wide variety of colors. I’m tempted to buy up a whole bunch of it before it goes away.

I have to admit that I’m becoming a fiber snob. For the longest time, acrylic fibers never bothered me at all. Now it’s like I just can’t go back! I still have a ton of stuff up for swap or sale. Anyone interested, please let me know! I’m willing to let things go supercheap.

I’m also almost done with a wrap. It’s mid-blocking right now. The yarn is so soft, I can’t wait to wear it.

Right now I’m watching USA reruns of Law & Order – this one’s got Amy Sedaris in a minor role. Neat!


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