real burrito

After my recent un-burrito, I somehow got up the energy to make actual burritos.


The recipe here is only slightly different than last time. Here I used:

I chopped up the mushrooms and pepper and put them in the skillet with the Crumbles and the taco seasoning. I warmed the tortillas in the microwave and then put the skillet stuff inside with some taco sauce, the cheese, and some fresh salsa (I try to squeeze out as much liquid as I can so the tortilla doesn’t get waterlogged).


I used Karl’s magic folding method (learned, I believe, during his teenage years working for Taco Bell, haha) which works like a charm to keep the goodies inside the shell while you eat it.


Turned out pretty delicious!


2 thoughts on “real burrito

  1. Looks delicious! I notice you’re vegetarian (no meat?); have you tried a new vegan cheese, brand name of Daiya? It’s almost like the real thing. Since going vegan, I’ve not missed cheese or really cared enough to buy it often but I did try Daiya & it’s a wonderful substitute for dairy.

    • It was tasty! And yes, I’m a vegetarian – lacto-ovo, since I was 14. Mostly I’m a picky eater and don’t like meat, but I’m glad to avoid all the hormones, antibiotics, and other crap as well. I haven’t tried that vegan cheese yet. To be honest, my hub does almost all of our grocery shopping so I end up not seeing new products sometimes. Thanks for the recommendation – I will keep it in mind!

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