front garden spectacular!

Okay, I totally lied in the title. There’s absolutely nothing spectacular going on right now – everything is dormant and just recently free of snow cover. I’m just happy to be able to see plants again! No matter that many of them are still at least partially covered by last fall’s leaves.

Here you can see that there’s just the teensiest bit of snow lingering. (Also that Brodie is looking out the front door, something he really misses during the winter.)

front garden

Here we have Sage:


And Lamb’s Ears ‘Helene von Stein’:

Lamb's Ears 'Helene Von Stein'

And something unidentified coming up. I believe that this is probably chickweed, which seems to adore the front garden. Here’s hoping it’s not, though.

something coming up

And something else I haven’t identified (did someone tell me this was some kind of wild strawberry?), which is all over the place:

something not sure what

This is some kind of bulb I planted last year – need to look at the garden plan and see what it might be.

something coming up

And three little Juniper ‘Blue Star’ plants that I rescued from the big box garden center last year.

Juniper 'Blue Star'

And that’s it for now. It’s still far too early for me to disturb the earth or get rid of the leaves – don’t want to put anything at risk since we’ll no doubt have plenty more frosts before it’s really spring.

More pics on flickr.


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