growing in beside the garage

The garage-side bed in the back yard is growing in for spring. Further down I have a bunch of Daylilies and Asiatic Lilies, but this part has Daffodils, Coreopsis, Tulips, Poppy Anemone, Chives, and more.

garage-side garden

I really like the little bit of green that shows up in the white part of these mostly-pink Tulips.

garage-side garden

Poppy Anemone has quickly become one of my favorite bulbs over the past few years. They’re so pretty, they usually have a bunch of blossoms, and they bring a really vibrant shot of color to the garden. I have a bunch in the front garden and added some to this bed last fall.

Poppy Anemone

Such a happy garden!

garage-side garden


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  1. Okay, now I need some poppy anemone. So pretty!

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