The Spider and the Girl

More Halloween! Are you getting sick of it yet? I’m not. Here’s another spider-themed dress, which I have dubbed The Spider and the Girl:

The Spider and the Girl Dress for Blythe

This lime green ribbon with black spiders is so much fun. I think it looks like the spiders are dancing along, having a grand old time. I selected the bodice fabric because (a) it is the same green as the ribbon and (b) it has a dotted line/swirl motif that is very spiderweb-esque. I just found this spider embellishment recently and jumped out at me as perfect for this dress.

The Spider and the Girl Dress for Blythe

I picked this fabric for the skirt because it reminds me of a tiled roof, like you  might see in a Gorey illustration, and I can just picture spiders creeping up the tiles, all stealthy in the night. Creepy!

The Spider and the Girl Dress for Blythe

I also finally got around to making a mask with the Puchi Collective template. I used felt and attached a pipe cleaner handle so that Blythe can hold it herself. I think it’s pretty cute!


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