I’ve been experimenting with some new patterns for Blythe clothing. This one is a pattern I created for a strapless Blythe dress.

prototype strapless dress for Blythe

I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out, though there are some changes I’ll make on the next iteration. The bodice is slightly too loose – I might tighten it up a bit, or there might be a way to use some mild elastic to help it be more apt to stay all the way up (it only slides down just a tiny bit, but it’s enough that I’d prefer to perfect it before putting any up for sale).

I was very pleased with my choice of trim on the hem of the skirt:

prototype strapless dress for Blythe

I had the upper white-dash ribbon in my stash, and recently found the black lace trim at The Lob.

prototype strapless dress for Blythe

So, Blythe peeps – what do you think? What changes or other styles would you like to see?


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