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Wicked Stepmother & Snow WhiteHalloween is practically around the corner and I still haven’t decided what to be. We’re doing a fairytale theme in my department, so I’ll stick within that, but I don’t know which character to choose. I’ve been fairytale characters in the past, so I will likely not repeat any of these (though I might if I had a great inspiration for a new take): Red Riding Hood, Snow White, Little Miss Muffet (nursery rhyme – close enough to a fairytale) and the Red Queen from Alice in Wonderland (also not technically a fairytale). (I may or may not have done Little Red Riding Hood at the library – I can’t seem to find a photo of it, so perhaps I did it for some other venue?) I’m also a bit picky in that I want to have something comfortable enough that I won’t be irritable by the end of the workday – this means lots of make-up is out (so no green witch face) and nothing with a corset. i also want something that will be easily recognizable but not necessarily a Disney interpretation, I’m very open to playing with ideas, like when I did Miss Muffet in Regency style.

So, ideas, anyone? I’ve got a pinterest board going and would love to hear your suggestions!



5 thoughts on “what to be?

  1. I like Goldilocks. Or what about going as the Beanstalk, Jack’s friend? Or Rip Van Winkle. Gingerbread Man. Thumbelina. The Princess and her Pea!

    Puss in Boots would be cool! Have any boots?

  2. If you’re considering great characters from books… How about Jane? http://janeandthedragon.com/

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