I’ve been so inspired by Halloween this year! I have a ton of ideas for cute Blythe stuff and have had time to create a few of them so far.

First, the panda:

Panda Hat and dress modeled by Willow

I have obviously been practicing my embroidery skills here – blanket stitch, you are now my bitch! I free-handed the pieces for this hat and I was really pleased with how well it turned out. I might make the ears bigger the next time, but overall I’m satisfied with it.

Next, we have Yoda:

Yoda Hat and dress modeled by Willow

I love, love, love this hat. It’s plain and simple, but wouldn’t Yoda prefer that? I can see making it with eyes, and perhaps I will next time, but I do like it this way.

And for Halloween, Candy Corn:

Candy Corn sweater modeled by Willow

I’m not really a fan of candy corn, but it’s so distinctive and such a staple of the Halloween season.

Finally, the Bee Girl!

Bee Girl Outfit modeled by Willow

I had the idea months ago to do a bee-stripe sweater, and then as Halloween crept closer and I finally got around to making it, I thought, why not do a skirt and headgear to go with it? I’m so happy with this look. I think it’s so cute!


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  1. These are just tooo cute!!!! I love them…did you just freehand the pattern and everything?You are so talented at this….I need to learn to sew so our blythes can have pretty clothes that I can say I made….I have noticed some really expensive clothes for blythes….some cost way more than human clothes!These would sell fast in your etsy shop!I love them all,but that bee costume is just a cutie!

    • Thanks, Renee! I did freehand the pattern – just drew what seemed like appropriate shapes onto paper and gave it a shot. I’ve been sewing since I was a wee thing, so I think the experience helps. You should definitely pick up fabric and thread! You can definitely do it! 🙂

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