I finally made time this weekend to finish emptying one of the raised beds, deconstruct it, and reconstruct it in a different configuration and location.

one raised bed relocated/rebuilt

You can sort of see in the photo above. The second raised bed is still there – I moved some of the soil in it but didn’t have the time to finish emptying it or deconstruct it before it got into the 80s (too hot!). Coraline is doing her favorite “I’ve got a toy in my mouth, look at me prance with it!” dance in this shot.

one raised bed relocated/rebuilt

So as you can see instead of being 4×8′, it’s now 4×4′. This will be more manageable and will keep me from planting more things than I can reasonably take care of. It will also be easy to plant and establish whatever I end up deciding to put along the back fence.

one raised bed relocated/rebuilt

The straw and soil smothering the grass is still looking a bit puffy, but it’ll settle down as it gets rained on and walked on. And sometime, when it’s not a billion degrees, I’ll finish emptying out the second raised bed. At some point I’ll probably reconstruct it to match the other, but at this point I don’t need the space so it can wait until whenever.


2 thoughts on “beddy-bye

  1. I am totally Team Raised Beds (and not Team Grass). Looking great! You guys have done a lot of work. When do you start planting?

    • Thanks, Katie! 🙂 I transferred my starts from the seed-starting setup in the basement to the raised bed on Saturday. I didn’t harden them off as much as I probably should have, but they seem to be doing well so here’s hoping!

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