I have used the fence-side area in the back yard for growing veggies the last few years, but I decided this year that it’s too much to keep up with, so I’m turning it into a perennial bed.

formerly veg garden, now perennials

I transplanted some extra daylilies from the other side of the yard, and sowed some seeds for other flowering perennials this weekend. I didn’t do an excellent job with the daylilies – some of them are REALLY deeply rooted and it was super hot so I didn’t dig all the bulb thingies out. If they don’t survive, so be it – I have a billion of them. I’m also letting the potatoes grow here – every year I don’t get them all up so they resprout, and they can easily blend in with the perennials for now. Once everything is grown in more, I’ll get rid of the snow fence. But for now I need it to keep the pupperinos out of the area while things get established.

bird bath

This is my totally awesome ten dollar bird bath! It’s plastic but looks better than you’d think for such a cheapie. Hopefully it will attract birds!


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