it’s a trap!

So we recently discovered evidence that a mouse was sharing our home with us (eww). It’s the time of year when the nights are getting cooler, so it’s really not massively surprising, but still not my favorite thing to find. We were like, yeah, we ought to do something about that, but then I forgot about it. I came home one day soon after that and saw this on the kitchen counter:

It's a trap!

I opened the drawer and, sadly, Admiral Ackbar was not inside.

It's a trap!

This proved effective, though, probably moreso than the Mon Calimari commander would have.


2 thoughts on “it’s a trap!

  1. Here is my advice: bait the trap with part of a Snickers bar. Mice are drawn to those things like crazy. When my parents’ old house had a serious mouse problem (I’m talking three-per-day caught) and there was one stubborn mouse who refused to be caught, a Snickers did the trick.

    How did I figure this out? I left a half-open Snickers on the counter one day and found the damn mouse gnawing on it five minutes later. So I was all “YOU WANT MY SNICKERS? GET IN THE TRAP!!!”

    If you have no Snickers, peanut butter will also do. Bonus: does not get nasty like cheese does.

    • Thanks, Nanette! We generally use peanut butter when we have to bait a mousetrap – it seems to work pretty well! I love the snickers bar idea, too. Who doesn’t love those?!

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