23 shades of grey

I’m still trying to decide what color to paint the bathroom. We’ve decided to replace the vanity with a stock all-in-one (haven’t quite picked out which one yet, but they’re all pretty similar) that will be white, and we’re going to put another layer of peel-and-stick tile over the floor, so our only thing to match is really the grey shower and commode. Our towels are purple and wheat, and the floor rugs we have now are wheat – but we could replace those things if desired. Anyway, I’m stuck on the idea of using another shade of grey on the walls (with white trim, to tie in the new vanity), but I can’t decide which shade it should be. I picked up a (ahem) few paint cards while we were at the Home Despot getting paint for the bedroom trim.

paint chips for the bathroom

Part of me thinks we should keep it a light shade so the room doesn’t feel too dark.

paint chips for the bathroom

Another part of me says – be bold! Go for a darker shade.

paint chips for the bathroom

paint chips for the bathroom

paint chips for the bathroom

I like the look of this room:

and that’s a medium grey, I guess, with a somewhat purple-y base? I’m all ears for suggestions! We like to use Behr paint, so if you come across a color you like, please share its name.

My next step, beyond picking a paint color, is to figure out the order of operations so it all goes smoothy and we’re not bathroom-less for very long.


4 thoughts on “23 shades of grey

  1. We painted our bedroom Anonymous by Behr and it’s really really close to that picture at the bottom. Pictures here.

  2. I love the dark bathroom here: http://manhattan-nest.com/2012/02/29/the-bathroom/ Could you find me the perfect gray while you’re hunting? I want to reprint my bathroom too.

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