bathroom paint part deux

After I had my husband install the rain shower head in the shower, I was originally thinking that we should paint the bathroom grey, but since then, I have changed my mind (maybe) and now I think that we should paint it green. Or gold/tan. I went to the Home Despot today and picked up a ton of paint chips and a few floor tile samples.

more paint chip choices for the bathroom

Here is my favorite of the gold/tan ones, along with the trim color (ALREADY DECIDED, for once) and one of the floor ideas:

more paint chip choices for the bathroom

I’m thinking I like the middle one best?

And here’s my favorite of the greens, with a different floor sample:

more paint chip choices for the bathroom

Again, I like the middle one here best, I think. Do I like the middle ones just because they are in the middle? WHY IS THIS SO DIFFICULT. Everyone, tell me what to do!


14 thoughts on “bathroom paint part deux

  1. I think the middle probably draws you since, to me, it looks like the darker colors may bring the walls closer (can’t see the size of the bathroom)? Plus, with a dark green(?) sink I think the middle colors will bring contrast better than the light. However, I am not sure about that tile with the green…

  2. I like the green choice better than the golden one. I think the top color may barely look like a color on the walls and the bottom one will be too dark for the size of the room that it is. Plus the middle on is lovely.

    One thing I did for CraftyTown, where I was unsure if the color was the right density, was to buy one of the testers. They are less than $5 at Home Depot and you can paint a patch on the wall to see if you like it. Just be advised that it isn’t exactly like real paint (they do that on purpose) so you’ll need to paint over it. I’m very glad I did as I ended up choosing the next color lighter.

  3. Hmmm. One thing about bathroom paint you should know is that if you put on make-up in there, the color of the walls will change the lighting enough to maybe make foundation look off.

    That said, I do enjoy the gold/tan colors and I think it would give you the most options with accessories. If you go with the lightest one, you could change your accessories (shower curtain, rugs, towels) in five years and give it a brand new look!

    Just my two cents though 🙂

  4. I like the middle green–it’s a nice, relaxing color. The bottom green is too dark, and the top green is too light.

    Of course, I also painted my basement bathroom EYE-SEARING LIME GREEN with a semi-gloss finish, so perhaps I am not the best person to be giving others advice on choosing paint colors. I love it, but others probably think it’s ridiculous. Sometimes I think it’s my favorite room in the house.

    • Nanette, as always, you are awesome. It’s amazing how happy something as simple as paint color can make a person. Someday when we’re in the area, I’d love to see your green bathroom!

  5. Since you have no natural light in there I’d vote for a more saturated hue. With the white vanity, cream trim, and gray floor I think it might seem washed out without some contrast on the wall. And I second buying samples for the wall.

  6. I’m not 100% positive, but I believe I’ve painted something the middle green before! That name, Celery Ice, is crazy familiar to me. And I like it.

  7. I’m a fan of the bottom (darkest) of the colors, but I think that might be because I’ve grown up in a house where everything had to be white or off-white or ivory, etc. I love the idea of actually painting the walls a COLOR, not just white with a slight tint.

    • Thanks, Jocelyn! I hear you – I’m definitely a fan of strong colors in many cases. For this room I’m reluctant for two reasons: 1. the room is small and 2. we want the house to be in most sell-able condition, which generally means neutral colors. I still haven’t decided, though! 🙂

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