Pioneer Braid

One of the Muggle Studies options this term was to fulfill a broken promise, so I chose to fulfill a promise to myself. I purchased some yarn with the intention of making it into a birthday present last spring, but cast on and frogged at least three times. I just couldn’t find the right pattern to fit this yarn. I ended up putting the yarn in time out and only just picked it up in late December. This time I found the right pattern!

Pioneer Braid Ty-Dy Scarf

This pattern fits this yarn so well! The colorway is one that looked really pretty when it was in a ball, but whenever I started to knit it, the red, green, and purple just weren’t working together. But this pattern makes it work.

Pioneer Braid Ty-Dy Scarf

This yarn is so soft and light so it will be really comfortable to wear.

Pioneer Braid Ty-Dy Scarf

Pioneer Braid Ty-Dy Scarf


2 thoughts on “Pioneer Braid

  1. Oh my gosh — I love the colors in this scarf! Also, I am in awe of knitters. I am just picking up crochet, and can’t even crochet a straight scarf, let alone something like this. Great job!

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