pork loin with apples and brie

We picked up a pork loin yesterday morning and then I forgot to do anything about it until it was an hour or so before we were going to want to eat dinner. OOPS. Intarwebs to the rescue! I realized that we had apples and brie on hand and I thought that those two things might go well with pork, and then found this recipe which looked mostly doable. We didn’t have any honey dijon, but lucky for me, Susan told me how to make our own! Who knew?

pork loin with brie and apples

K got to work cutting up the garlic, apples, and pork, and I prepped the spices and honey dijon.

pork loin with brie and apples

pork loin with brie and apples

Look at those apple slices! You can tell K cut them since they’re all nice and even. (They would not look like that if I did that part.)

Susan’s recipe for honey dijon:

  • 1/2 tsp Dijon
  • 1 dollop honey
  • 1 Tbsp apple cider vinegar
  • then drizzle in 1 tsp olive oil while whisking

pork loin with brie and apples

Here the pork has cooked on one side so far, in the oil and honey dijon.

pork loin with brie and apples

After the pork has cooked awhile on each side and has reached at least 150 degrees, it comes out of the pan and gets a slice of brie on top. The apples and garlic got a lovely thyme-y flavor. I could have eaten a ton more of the apple. I even cajoled K into having brie on his and eating a couple of the apple slices!

pork loin with brie and apples

Yes, we believe in the generous pour at Casa Heathen.


2 thoughts on “pork loin with apples and brie

  1. We were at a restaurant lately that boasted nine ounce pours of wine. Ever since we feel downright moderate pouring ourselves huge glasses. That looks great.

    • That is awesome! I was somewhere once that boasted a “generous pour” and it was the lamest small amount of wine ever. I think I feel some compulsion to make up for that. 🙂

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