frost on the lettuce

We’ve had a generally warmer-than-usual winter again this year, but at least we’ve had a little bit of snow and more than a couple frosty mornings. I did a hideously bad job of getting in-focus close-ups during this photo shoot, probably because it was really cold out and I neglected to properly bundle up before heading out.

frost on lettuce

I’m semi-embarrassed to even post this photo, because it is evidence of me being too lazy to put all the patio containers in the garage this year. But the frost on these teensy lettuce leaves (which are, yes, encased in ice – more evidence of my laziness since I neglected to dump out the water that accumulated after the previous thaw) was too neat not to share.

frost on the clover

The clover was really neat looking, too.

frost on a Morning Glory seed pod

And my favorite shot: a morning glory seed pod with frost on it, and the neat pattern the frost made on the black fence. Even the little hairs on the morning glory vine have teensy bits of frost on! This is where my laziness is rewarded – theoretically I should have cleared away all the morning glory vines, but I never quite finished that task before winter arrived.


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