pork loin with cumin, ginger, garlic, and broccoli (and rice)

Recently K and I picked up a pork loin while food shopping (usually I do the food shopping solo, but this was a quick essentials trip and pork loin happened to be on sale so we grabbed one). It turned out to be two big pieces, and this dinner was using the second half.

pork with cumin, garlic, and broccoli

I had read somewhere recently that cumin and ginger go well with pork. I’m not super familiar with cumin, but I knew that we had some and that K loves ginger, so I thought we’d give it a shot. First K cut the pork into strips. I prepped a mixture of cumin, ginger, and diced garlic (which was, again, evenly chopped thanks to K’s skills), which we then dragged the pork through before putting into the skillet.

pork with cumin, garlic, and broccoli

We were worried that the spice mix might all stick to the pan, but it stayed on the pork pretty well! I steamed some broccoli, and then when the pork was almost but not quite done, added the broccoli to the skillet with the pork. Look how colorful that is! I just love how green fresh steamed broccoli is. It just screams, “I’m good for you! But I also taste good!”

pork with cumin, garlic, and broccoli

I also managed to remember to make some rice (yes, it is Minute Rice, and no, I’m not ashamed. Maybe slightly embarrassed, but not enough to not post evidence). K noted how impressed he was that I managed to get a protein, and vegetable, AND a starch on one plate.

pork with cumin, garlic, and broccoli

This taste combination was a success! The pork was VERY flavorful and the broccoli took on just enough of the spice flavors from being finished in the pan with the pork. I’m really pleased to be getting to a place where I/we can sort of wing it and have tasty results!


4 thoughts on “pork loin with cumin, ginger, garlic, and broccoli (and rice)

  1. It’s unfortunate Blake dislikes broccoli so much, because I love it and haven’t made it in months now.

    • It’s funny, Amanda – broccoli is one of the ONLY vegetables K likes! I have conned him into eating cauliflower (“white broccoli” as he calls it) but he doesn’t like any cooked veg that is still crunchy (which to me is the sign that it is good), so it’s a challenge! I’m sure you could sub in any other veg that Blake likes in this recipe!

  2. I love cumin so much that the regular spice jar size is never enough. Finally Paul bought me a sack of it (literally, it’s probably 8 oz) at an Indian market and now I just keep refilling my jar with it.
    I love broccoli too, and you’re right-it practically dances around saying “i’m healthy! I’m packed with vitamin C! but don’t let that stop you-I’m delicious!” Fortunately my kids love it too!

    • That is awesome, Sarah! I should explore one of the Indian markets around here. It’s awesome that you’re kids like broccoli, too! I was Not A Fan when I was a kid. I would beg for my mom to slather it in (blech) Cheez Whiz and only then would I manage to gulp it down. I didn’t know what I was missing!

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