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So I’ve been trying to learn more about how our DSLR camera works so I can take advantage of more of its capabilities. I saw this tutorial pinned a few times on Pinterest, and lo and behold, unlike a ton of other stuff on there, it turned out to actually have good information behind the pin!

silver maple

This is the silver maple tree in front of our house, as seen from where I usually sit on the couch. I can’t believe this photo turned out this well considering it’s through the window and on a pretty overcast day. I did crop it to a square shape to cut out the little bit of the interior that was visible.


I’d noticed recently (while peering out our bedroom window at the for-sale house next door) that the barberry shrubs I planted a few years ago actually have a couple berries on them! I’ve never actually seen any berries on them before – I’m not sure if they were under snow, never developed, or were quickly eaten by birds in the past, but I was happy to see a few. Of course I wasn’t thinking ahead and didn’t write down any of the settings I was playing with while I took these photos. But! Awesomeness of digital cameras is that they record that shit for you! It’s taken care of! It even shows up on Flickr so I can see it easily when I look at any particular shot I’ve uploaded. Anyway, I’m pretty pleased with how these turned out! For a first try, I’d say it was a success for sure.



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  1. Nice pictures Anne. Keep practicing! I take about 100 pics to get one or two that I actually like. Also, if you have the time, check out the digital photography class offered through continuing ed at Schoolcraft. It’s called Capture the Moment with Brian Mitchell. Took 2 of his classes and loved them.

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