They Can’t Catch Us All

The assignment for this month’s HPKCHC Defense Against the Dark Arts homework was to find an inspiring wrock song and make something to represent that song in some way. I chose “They Can’t Catch Us All” by the Weasel King. It appealed to me because it’s produced pretty well and was one of the hardest rocking ones I could find (lots of wrock is acoustic, which is just fine, but it’s not necessarily my deal). I came up with this scarf, which I’m quite happy with.

They Can't Catch Us All scarf

This is a neat pattern – it is knit quite easily and the stitch pattern is super easy to memorize, and it forms this bias shape seemingly by magic!

They Can't Catch Us All scarf

They Can't Catch Us All scarf

Here you can see that before blocking, it was just sort of ho-hum-looking. Stretchy in a pleasing way, but nothing super special to look at.

They Can't Catch Us All scarf

After blocking (and in better light), it has beautiful definition! Another bonus for this project: this yarn was on clearance, so it only cost me a couple dollars of actual cash.


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