Fruitcake Frenzy

The HPKCHC has, in addition to classes and detention, Quidditch. Of course they do! I didn’t participate in the first challenge for some reason, but I did find something to make for the first game. The theme is Fruitcake Frenzy, and I thought that this yarn was a perfect fruitcake inspiration.

KnitPicks Stroll - Cupcake Multi

I had most of a skein left, having only made a few small (tiny, really) projects from it before. I haven’t eaten much fruitcake myself, but I pictured it as being dark brown with some light-colored fruity bits poking out here and there, so this yarn seemed similar.

I looked for a pattern that only required the amount of yarn I had left (about 40 grams), and came across this one for Guitar Mitts. Well, now they can be Fruitcake Mitts!

Fruitcake Mitts

This is a really nice pattern. It’s easy, quick, and the rib means that they are stretchy so that they fit people like me with super-skinny wrists as well as anyone else.

Fruitcake Mitts

I really love the way the colors pooled in the wrist section. The diagonal sections of pink and light brown look so cool against the dark brown!

Fruitcake Mitts

All in all, I’m quite pleased! And now they are en route to their new home with Susan. I may end up making myself a pair eventually.


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