doing the dishes

I’m on a quest to use up spare yarn in my stash and decided to make a few more dishcloths. We can always use them around the house, and I had a lot more cotton yarn leftovers than I’d realized.

Color Block Dishcloth

Lucky for me, there are a ton of free dishcloth patterns out there, so I had my pick. Of course I ended up altering several of them slightly to suit my preferences. I’ve been seeing a lot of color blocking lately, so I decided to make this one in two colors rather than just one.

FIreworks dishcloth

For this one, I alternated stripes of three colors of yarn. I carried the yarn up the side, which gives it a slightly off-kilter look from the bottom, but for a dishcloth, I don’t really care, and it’s much preferable to having a bunch of ends to weave in.

Sunny Day dishcloth

Here’s another color-blocked design, this time allowing me to use up the last of the yellow yarn. I like stitch patterns like this one for dishcloths, because the little nobbly bits are good for getting dried on bits of food off the counter, for instance.

Hobbit Hole dishcloth

The one above was originally one color and slightly larger, but I only had a small amount of the white left (as much as you see here – it worked out perfectly!) and thought the contrast might be nice. At this point, I had enough green left to make one more dishcloth, but having made all of these, I was reminded of why I hate working with this yarn: it lets off tiny particles of cotton that irritate my sinuses and make me feel like I have a sore throat (but it goes away if I stop working with the yarn for a few hours). If I ever knit with it again, I should wear a dust mask. So, the remainder of this yarn is in the Goodwill donation bag and I am done with dishcloths for awhile. But stocked up and ready to clean all the things. (Yeah, right.)


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