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More stash-busting!

cuddly headband

This yarn was leftover from a gift scarf I made awhile back, and while it’s really nice yarn, I wasn’t sure what I could make with a relatively small amount (less than 100 yards). Ravelry to the rescue! This Cuddly Headband seemed like the perfect solution. As usual I altered the pattern a little bit, making both pieces slightly wider than stated. If you’re going to wear a headband, you want it to cover all of your ears, right?

cuddly headband

It’s quite an easy pattern: you just knit a rectangle until it’s about the right length and then seam it up so it forms a loop. The pattern recommended a three-needle bind-off, but I was too lazy, so I bound off using my usual method and then seamed it neatly with an embroidery needle. I think it looks quite nice! Even though the seam is hidden, I wanted to do it neatly and without much bulk, so this worked very well.

cuddly headband

Then you fold some pleats into the band (again, I did it slightly differently than the instructions, but I liked the way this looked better) and stitch it to keep it in place.

cuddly headband

Then knit the small band, seam it around the large one, and anchor it in place on the inside. Voila!

cuddly headband

Susan likes headbands, and now that she lives in a wintery climate I thought she might like to stock her collection of warm cozies. So this is another project winging its way to my dear sistrah. This stash-busting/gift-giving theme is working out quite well for me! It’s nice to make the occasional item for myself, but I don’t really need ALL the items I’m knitting, and in the interest of keeping the house tidy, it’s nice to send some projects out into the world to be appreciated somewhere else. Keep your eye out – I may have some giveaways in the coming weeks!


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