The weather the last few days hasn’t been able to make up its mind about what season it is. We had snow, rain, freezing rain, ice, slush, and temps ranging from very cold to over 40F.

garden in snow and slush

This weirdness made for some good photo-taking opportunities, though.

garden in snow and slush

I’m sure there’s some way to have Lightroom accentuate the bokeh on this shot so the background would fade away more, but I’m not sure how to do it. I just love the water droplets. They looked like little gems.

garden in snow and slush

This one is super-over-zoomed but the way that an Allium is visible inside the water droplet was too cool not to share.

garden in snow and slush

It’s crazy that one of the Butterfly Bushes still has leaves this green on it, isn’t it?

garden in snow and slush

And speaking of green, this Vinca is in total denial about the fact that it’s winter.


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