slouchy fisherman

Yep, it’s another stash-busting knitted object. This time, a slouchy hat made from Fishermen’s Wool.

Slouchy Fisherman Hat

You can see that the shape of this hat is a little specialized. It’s got a very stretchy ribbed section that will grip the wearer’s head tightly enough to stay on, but not so tightly that it’s uncomfortable, and the top of the head part is quite slouchy.

Slouchy Fisherman Hat

I think this is a neat style. It would be awesome for someone with a lot of hair, if they wanted to tuck it up inside, or have a hat that wouldn’t leave them with hat-head when they removed it.

Slouchy Fisherman Hat

It’s stretchy enough that it would fit a woman or a man. I feel like this hat does it all – it slices! it dices! it makes julienne fries! If you’d like this hat for your very own, leave a comment!


7 thoughts on “slouchy fisherman

  1. Well, if you’re offering…

  2. Damn. Anna beat me to it. I’ve been looking for a good slouchy hat. Oh well – I can still admire it’s awesomeness!

  3. Rats! Congrats to Anna though. I thought I could finally be cool! 😉

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