ministry of silly walks

Coraline has been fairly unimpressed with the snow we’ve had this season. Last winter (her first) we barely had any at all, so she’s really not used to it.

Coraline in the snow: Ministry of Silly Walks

The latest snows we’ve gotten have been super light and fluffy and the snow was up to her belly earlier this week! She was not a fan. I can’t blame her, though. Who wants to pee waist-deep in a pile of cold, wet stuff?

Part of her usual routine in any season is to be chase by poop demons before doing her business. She races manically up and down the yard like a thing possessed – it’s really hilarious. The snow seems to put her into super-demon mode. She not only races up and down, she jumps up and down in circles and chases her tail and is just generally ridiculous. She moves so fast that it’s difficult to get good photos, though I gave it a shot and got a couple of illustrative if not quality shots.

Coraline in the snow: Ministry of Silly Walks

This one is my favorite as it looks like she’s strolling in the front, with her back legs just hovering in the air. It reminds me of when Brodie would occasionally do a handstand while peeing.


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