swatch it and weep

So we got some paint swatches for the bathroom walls, and I am disappointed to say that neither of them suits us.

bathroom paint swatches

The green is SO not as dark/rich as the chip suggested it would be. It’s way too minty for our taste. Both of the above have THREE coats, so I’m pretty sure that the green wouldn’t get any better with additional coats. Plus, I am SO not going to do that many coats on the entire room.

bathroom paint swatches

This yellow-y color is just okay, but not a color I like for the entire room. It also doesn’t suit the grey fixtures as well as I’d hoped.

bathroom paint swatches

Take a look at this green! Seriously! This is how it looks without the peach around it for contrast. Way less minty, but also way less green than we wanted. It’s just, like, BLEH. So at this point we are going to skim coat the walls, prime, and just paint it all white. Should we come across a color we like after that, we can always throw it up there, but at least with white we will have a blank slate.

The skim coat is to cover up the stupid damage the previous owners did to the walls when they were removing wallpaper. They paper tiger-ed the crap out of the drywall, and according to the research I’ve done, skim coat is the easiest way to fix shallow damage like that. If any of you have a line on self-healing drywall primer or any other magic solutions, hook me up!


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