crockpot experimentation

I once again forgot to thaw any meat for dinner on Friday, so when I realized this around noon I decided to try an experiment.

crock pot chicken with potatoes and green beans

I threw a couple of frozen chicken breasts into the ninja crock pot (click here to see some ninja 3-in-1 crockpot reviews) along with a bunch of herbs and salt and pepper. I chopped up a few redskin potatoes and threw in some frozen green beans for good measure. Finally, I added a couple cups of water and some lemon juice, set it for 6 hours on low, and crossed my fingers.

It came out pretty well! The potatoes were cooked perfectly, which meant that the green beans were a little overdone in my book (just about right in K’s opinion – he doesn’t like his veggies to crunch). The chicken was tasty, but a little dry. I wonder if that is because of starting it frozen? Any sciencey folks care to speculate?


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