Coraline is a smart cookie and we do our best to keep her engaged and entertained. A busy dog is a happy dog, I think they say. We’ve been working with her to SIT and then DOWN and then SIT again, and she really has it mastered. She sometimes offers DOWN now, even when we would have accepted a SIT.


We recently turned the Nyla around in this frankentoy, so the end that’s now sticking out is new. She was super excited about it! She’s gotten so good that, after this photo was taken, I told her to STAY and then waved the toy all around her face and even touched her face with it, and she stayed super still and didn’t try to grab it until I gave her the OK. What a good girl!


4 thoughts on “training

  1. Such a smart doggiter! Love that face and want to smoosh it.
    Susan recently posted…Tricks to keep busyMy Profile

  2. Such a smart dogger! My boy is all style and no substance, yep, as dumb as a bag of hammers but cute.

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