Mexican chicken and sweet peppers

Ever since I found this post about making your own Mexican spice mix, I have been addicted.

Mexican Chicken and Peppers

This time, I made chicken breasts in the skillet with this seasoning. I tend to put in a little bit more crushed red pepper than the recipe recommends, because we like it a little bit spicier.

Mexican Chicken and Peppers

I used a little lime juice on the chicken as well, and cooked over medium heat, turning once after about 8 minutes (these chicken breasts were HUGE). After I removed them from the pan, I added some shredded cheese to K’s portion and let the meat rest for about five minutes.

Mexican Chicken and Peppers

I cooked the chopped sweet peppers with the same spice mixture. I would normally add them to the pan the chicken cooked in, but this time it got a little bit burninated, so I cooked the peppers in a separate pan. Despite the chicken pan looking burny, the chicken itself was fine, and it was all delicious!


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