Little Leaves Lace Wrap

This one has been waiting for awhile! I made it several months ago but knew I was going to give it to Susan for her birthday, so I wanted to wait until I had actually presented it to her before posting the pics. So, presenting, the Little Leaves Lace Wrap!

Little Leaves Lace Wrap

This is another one of those knitting projects that uses a fairly simple, easy-to-memorize lace pattern that ends up looking really elegant and more complicated than it really is.

Little Leaves Lace Wrap

I had actually purchased this yarn with Susan in mind, back when she still lived in Florida. It’s very lightweight yarn that could be worn in warmer temps. Which means that she can use it anytime now that she’s in a more temperate climate.

Little Leaves Lace Wrap

Though these colors feel somewhat beachy, I think that they suit Susan really well regardless.

Little Leaves Lace Wrap

I hope she enjoys wearing it!


One thought on “Little Leaves Lace Wrap

  1. She does! Its simply lovely.
    Susan recently posted…SnugsMy Profile

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