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So! It has been ages since I posted, because I have been doing All The Things and not making any time for this. The first thing that happened was that Fox did a crackdown on people making Cunning Hats, which prompted a massive flood of orders in our AnneArchy shop. I got orders for 70 hats in a matter of days! That meant that I spent most of April and May knitting hats and not doing a ton of other things.

Except that I was also interviewing for and being offered a new job! I spent a good amount of time driving back and forth between Canton and northwest Indiana doing interviews and doing paperwork for my new job. I’m now a librarian at a community college library! It’s a change from public libraries, but I have some familiar terrain in that I’m going to be able to focus on customer service and making sure the library is of use and is well-used by the students and faculty.

lunch at work

We also prepared our house for sale – as you might guess, there wasn’t a ton left to do since we’ve been so focused on completing improvements over the last six+ months. We had it listed and got an offer a few days later, and sale is now pending. FINGERS CROSSED, EVERYONE. I don’t want to jinx it so I’m not going to talk any more about that right now.

Then, a little over a week ago, we made the trek to Indiana for good. We’re staying with my uber-generous sister and her hub for the time being, until our house is sold and we figure out where we want to land for the long term. Coraline has been learning all the tricks and having massive fun playing with Susan’s dogs. Note to any internet evildoers: the house is under the watch of tough-guys with the tendency to over-react, so no funny business.

So all in all, it’s been a crazypants couple of months! We are settling in gradually, but really looking forward to being done with the house-selling part of the transition so we can relax. Here’s to awesome change!


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