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I have been making all the hats as I continue to use up bits of leftover yarn in my stash and knit assignments for the Harry Potter Knit Crochet House Cup. I think I may also be trying to give cooler weather a little nudge.

First off, I made a Pewter Cauldron Hat for Potage’s Cauldron Shop.

Pewter Cauldron Hat

This hat is the color of a pewter cauldron, perhaps one that has been somewhat neglected and lacks the shine of a new potion-brewing vessel. On the side of the hat are two cable twists, inspired by the precise stirring motions necessary for brewing spot-on potions. In this case, the brewer (knitter) used a synthetic fiber and smaller needles than she should have, making the weave a bit tighter than desirable and leaving the hat with less drape than it should have for this style. She did, however, learn a new technique (Tubular Cast-On), so certainly the endeavor was not for naught. Like potion-making, knitting can be a trial and error venture, and, in the eyes of this brewer (more generous than Professor Snape might be), as long as you learned something, it’s not a failure.

That one was theoretically going to be for K, but it may end up a donation.

Next up was the Wand Hat for Ollivanders.

wand hat

My wand is Ash with a Phoenix Feather core. It is 12 1/2 inches long and has a pliant flexibility. Like my wand chose me in Ollivanders Wand Shop, this hat project chose me on a recent morning when the temperature started to cool off and show that fall is really on the way (never mind that it since changed its tune and is back in the 90sF). This yarn was waiting for me to choose it, as well, as part of my current destashing project. The brown yarn is the color of Ash wood, and the knitting sections contrasting with purl rows is reminiscent of the distinctive bark of a mature Ash tree. The grey yarn brings to mind the just-hatched Phoenix chick, covered in ashes and soot following its rebirth by fire. This hat will be sure to keep its owner warm and protected from the elements and prepared for winter weather just as a wizard or witch feels protected and prepared carrying the wand that has chosen him or her.

This one I think I’ll keep for myself, though I don’t often wear earth tones. I think the grey brings it close enough to my comfort zone.

Finally, the In the Red of the Night Hat for Knockturn Alley.

In the Red of the Night hat

This hat is designed to allow the wearer to blend into the sometimes dodgy crowd who frequent Knockturn Alley. The repeated cables give the wearer the ability to twist and turn through the narrow streets and alleys, escaping notice through fluid movement. The deep red color is reminiscent of the blood-stained pack of cards Harry glimpsed in the glass case at Borgin and Burkes during his first visit there, and is a dark color likely to blend in with the wardrobes of those lurking in Knockturn Alley. The ball on top is similar to a clabbert pustule, a potion ingredient that can be found at the Knockturn Alley branch of Mr. Mulpepper’s Apothecary, though this hat’s orb maintains its red hue, unlike the pustule which would flash red in the presence of danger (not a wise thing to visually alert in Knockturn Alley).

This one is for Susan, to celebrate her being back in a climate where big fluffy hats are necessary. Hopefully she doesn’t run into any shady characters while wearing it.


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