Castle Greystone (for reals this time)

So, we moved last weekend and are finally getting settled in. Again. It’s been super tiring but we’ve managed to keep a pretty good attitude throughout the process, which I am counting as a major victory.

Castle Greystone

Since we knew where we wanted the furniture this time and had pared down our belongings significantly since moving into the first apartment, it was MUCH easier this time around. We also had the help of some awesome friends and family (and a few hired guns via dallas movers) so trekking across the parking lot wasn’t as bad as it might have been. We are ever in the debt of those friends and family!

Castle Greystone

Remember how many boxes there were last time? Far fewer this time! PROGRESS.

We spent last weekend moving everything and getting the basics into place, and this weekend we spent some time hanging up pictures and art.

Castle Greystone

Ghost Coraline! This new apartment has a vaulted ceiling, and it feels a lot larger than the previous unit we were in. We measured for furniture placement and it turns out – it actually is a few inches larger in a couple of rooms. Bonus! We are also on the third floor (no more Stompersons living upstairs), at the back of the building (we can’t hear the traffic of people coming in and out like we did before), and we have a better view and no streetlight right outside our bedroom. So all in all, we have ended up with a much better deal with this place.

Castle GreystoneI’m pleased with how the living room is set up. One thing I think we’ll look for in our future home is just one living room, rather than two. It’s all we really need, and if that square footage could be used for a craft room or something else we’d actually use, that would make a lot more sense. I found a couple of throw pillows for the couch that are about as close as you could hope to get to the color of the awesome green armchairs. We’d still like to find another one or two with a more geeky look, but we can be patient. Because of course I also want it/them to match/complement the green in the room.

Castle Greystone

The Star Wars print in the hallway is hung sort of oddly, but it’s covering up the electrical panel, so the placement was odd. We may end up changing it, and these shelves may not stay here or may change configuration – we’ll see what works for us. We couldn’t put the BILLY cases on this wall, though, because they would have covered up the circuit breaker. So now they will live in the dining room.

Castle Greystone

K has done an amazing job of organizing all our media and continuing to sell the things that we don’t want to own anymore. It’s a work in progress, but it’s coming right along! In the other aspects of life, I have been continuing to settle in and learn how things work at my new job. It’s always stressful and a bit anxiety-making to learn a new workplace, but I have been striving to be calm and just take things as they come. I know it’ll all work out, I just have to stop myself from trying to control all of it. Easier said than done, but I’m working on it.


4 thoughts on “Castle Greystone (for reals this time)

  1. It looks good! It’s amazing that you have done this AGAIN right after moving, and it already seems like you’re more unpacked than I was after years. You are still more unpacked than my garage. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Anna M recently posted…My NaBoReMo UpdateMy Profile

  2. One bigger living room was a big thing we looked for in a house as well. Not super easy to come by, especially with the older homes. I think its a MUCH better use of space.
    Susan recently posted…Bleys AppreciationMy Profile

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