I have been so lax about posting in recent months! We had a crazy busy year and blogging fell to the bottom of my priority list in favor of things like moving three times, starting two new jobs, considering more from my employment agency in Edmonton and maintaining some sense of mental well-being while experiencing so much change. (Happy to say that things are currently hunky-dory on the whole.)

Kneading nap

I’m happy to report that I am ready to put myself on a schedule again so that blogging once again becomes a routine. I’ve really missed it and I’d like to be doing more writing than I have been. I’ve been thinking about it for awhile but was spurred to action by seeing one of Sam’s resolutions for 2014: to blog several times a week. I’m not sure what schedule I’m going to set for myself yet, but it will likely be a few times a week. Since we’re living in an apartment right now gardening will be a topic in the wishlist/someday sense, but less so in terms of practical things I’m actually doing. But classic pastimes including Blythe, sewing, knitting, books, movies, and TV will return to more or less regular appearances here.

While I’m at it I thought I’d make a few other resolutions to round out a list:

  • Blog regularly
  • Continue to attend yoga class once a week at OmBodies
  • Take more photographs, especially of Coraline while she’s awake (this will require some effort)
  • Go for more walks/explore Mount Pleasant (this may not happen robustly until spring)
  • Create a couple of websites for folks who could use them
  • Participate as a swapper in the Blythe Swap Group at least a few times

So, are you making any resolutions for the new year?


2 thoughts on “resolved

  1. More cooking and less processed food is one resolution I’ve made. Also playing more board games and more crafting. More hiking. Finally, more writing, both of the libr* kind and fiction/poetry.

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