FO Friday: Hats Galore

Welcome to the first of many Finished Object Friday posts to come! I made a LOT of hats for xmas gifts this year, so this post is going to include a lot more items than will be usual.

Antelope Hat
This is the Antelope Hat. I made it for the apartment manager here, who helped us make the arrangements for moving here as well as for moving to the non-smoking building. She has always been super kind and pleasant to work with and wanted to show her that we appreciate her efforts.


Cable Tortuga Hat
This Cable Tortuga Hat uses a yarn that came in a colorway called Tortuga. Even though that brings to mind Pirates of the Caribbean, I thought that the colors were peaceful and had a zen feel, so I made this for my friend Anna who always seems calm and able to roll with whatever surprises happen along.


Claudia Hat
I made the Claudia Hat for our friend Kim. She likes to go camping and do outdoorsy things, so I thought that this might come in handy for some future trips she might take.


Late Snow Hat
Late Snow Hat. This one I made for the maintenance guy at our apartment complex. He’s assisted us with a few things (in both apartments) and has been very friendly and happy to help every time. I often see him out in the cold weather and I thought this might help keep him warm while he works.


Pinkie Cabled Slouch Hat
I knit this Pinkie Cabled Hat for my friend Sarah J., who has an amazing sense of style. She’s bold and fun, and I thought these bold cables would suit her.


Piper Pumpkin Hat
Another bold cabled hat, the Piper Pumpkin Hat, I knit for my friend Carolyn. She’s got beautiful brown hair and eyes and I thought this rich orange tone would suit her.


Selena Hat
This Selena Hat was knit for my pal Julie, who lives in Chicago and who I imagine spends some time outside walking. I thought she should have a warm hat with a wide brim to keep her ears warm against the wind.


Snowflake Hat
I made the Snowflake Hat for our friend Stephanie. She’s the kind of person who can wear a white hat and not (like I would) immediately get schmutz on it. I thought the jaunty purple bow was fun, too.


Taupe Cabled Slouch Hat
For my friend Jessica, I made this Taupe Cabled Hat. I just knew that this rich color would suit her, and I pictured her wearing this slouchy hat while visiting the zoo or hiking near her home in Delaware.


Terzetto Hat
The Terzetto Hat I made for my uncle. He does a lot of hiking and camping trips into the mountains and I thought that this might be nice to have.


Tweed Hat
For our friend Corey, I made this Tweed Hat. He is a runner and I imagine that one’s head must get cold while running in winter. He mentioned to me that he still has some mittens I knit for him years ago, and while I wasn’t able to match the yarn, I thought this tweed yarn was nice.


Twist and Shout Hat
My pal Kristin has an awesome sense of style. I didn’t leave myself enough time to make a knitted version of a bird headband (long story), but I thought this Twist and Shout Hat would do instead.


Warlock Cloche
Finally, this Warlock Cloche (named for the colorway of the yarn with which I knit it) I made for my friend Lisa. She’s a big fan of many things historical and I thought a nice cloche would fit in with her interests. I thought the mohair brim brought a touch of elegance as well.

I do have one more hat that I made for xmas, but it will get its own post as it was a bit more complicated to construct. And this doesn’t complete the xmas knitting, either, as I also made a bunch of other knitted items: cowls, headbands, and more! Did you make anything for holiday gift-giving this year?


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  1. Anne I love these hats! I added the Cable Tortuga and the Late Snow to my ravelry library. Mark told me last night that I could knit him as many hats as I wanted because he loves winter hats. I don’t think he understands the monster he just created.
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