FO Friday: Crusader Helmet

Last week I promised to share more about the final hat I made but didn’t include in the post: The Crusader Helmet. I wasn’t sure about how to knit a helmet at first, but I played around and looked for inspiration on Ravelry and Pinterest until I came up with a general idea.

My brother-in-law teaches at the law school at Valparaiso University. The VU mascot is the Crusader, who looks like this:
 photo ar135914500236548_zps8efc0e14.jpg

I found a pattern on Rav for a knight’s helmet, which I used as the basis for my project.

Crusader Helmet

Karl is the zombie knight, modeling my creation.

As you can see if you compare to the pattern, I changed the grill of the visor to make it more like the mascot’s, and I added a plume instead of the blade on the original.

Crusader Helmet

My bro-in-law digs the classic fleur-de-lis, so I found some great buttons on etsy. I thought that the studs around the perimeter of the button lent a nice medieval feel, appropriate for a crusader (I can’t help but think of the Holy Grail whenever I think of crusades – I should have gotten some coconuts to go with this). You can see here that the visor is hinged with the buttons, so you can wear it with the visor down as a face warmer if you so desire.

Crusader Helmet

I also added some duplicate stitch to define the top of the helmet a bit. I thought about adding more around the bottom edge, but then decided against it as I thought it might be too much.

Crusader Helmet

So all in all, I’m quite pleased with how it turned out! It’s a bit big for my model head, but seemed to fit my bro-in-law much better. Hopefully it will be useful and/or fun for future VU outdoor events!


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  1. It turned out great, Anne! I bet you’re going to get requests for more after people see it at VU events!
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