FO Friday: finishing up xmas

Finally, the rest of my xmas knitting! The final item I have to share is the Oaklet Shawl I made for my mom.

She had requested a light scarf to go with a black jacket she has – the jacket has red accents and she’d been having trouble finding anything to go with it that felt like the right shade of red. I found this yarn on etsy that looked like it had just a bit of red in with shades of grey and black, which I thought would work really nicely with the jacket:

 photo il_570xN_zps20291170.jpg

When I got the yarn, it was not exactly as I pictured it, but still looked like it had red tones in it – just more of a rusty red than the bright, Coca-Cola red in the listing (note: this kind of variation is not unusual for hand-dyed yarn), and with less light grey/white tones to contrast with the darker shades.

Lanitium ex Machina Glitter Sock / Kimallesukka

So I picked out a pattern and made it into a shawl! This pattern was really easy and went very quickly: it took less than four days of free-time knitting (not including blocking).

Oaklet Shawl

I recently had ordered some additional blocking panels and I was very glad that I had. Now I have enough to cover the surface of our crafting table, so I get a really nice even surface for projects like this.

Oaklet Shawl

With the dryness of winter, it did not take long for this to finish blocking. Even though the color turned out to be more of a red-tinged brown/grey than what I was hoping for, I’m still pleased with the outcome of the project overall.

Oaklet Shawl

I have really fallen in love with lace knitting and shawls in the last year or two. It’s so easy to make a really beautiful, wearable item and the process makes for wonderful TV/movie knitting.

Oaklet Shawl

I like the way this shawl pattern is mostly stockinette, but with a lovely lace pattern around the edge. It’s not too fussy but still has some lace.

Oaklet Shawl

I’m happy to report that my mom was delighted with it! And she and my dad gave me an etsy gift card for xmas, so I can look for another yarn that might fit my original plan!


4 thoughts on “FO Friday: finishing up xmas

  1. Beautiful job! I love it!!

  2. Anne,
    I had not realized you are a knitter. This is a lovely scarf. And it sure did not take you long to knit it up!

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