FO Friday: making Christmas (again)

I’m back with more of my xmas gift knitting!

Bamboo Cowl
This Bamboo Cowl is for Carrie Anne. She lives in a climate where the temperature varies, and I thought that a bamboo cowl would work really well for her – it’s light and airy but can provide warmth when doubled up like in the photo above. I also love this silver color – I think it’s chic and a little bit fancy but still appropriate for everyday wear.


Fling Scarf
Sometimes you have a tiny bit of yarn left and it’s too pretty to not make something with it. This is the case with the Fling Scarf. It’s really thin because I was just using up a leftover bit of yarn and the pattern is knit horizontally, so I just went until I ran out. Because it’s not your typical scarf but includes lovely colors, I thought it might be nice for the dress-up box of a certain little girl. She can use it as a belt, headband, scarf, flag, or whatever she imagines it to be.


Blushing Lace Cowl - Midas
For my friend Beth, I made this Midas Lace Cowl. It is a really lovely ombre colorway that includes copper, gold, and chocolate tones. I just had a feeling that she might like it (and am happy to report that she does).


Lefties Hat
I made this Lefties Hat for Carrie Anne’s daughter Isobel. She adores the color pink and I happened to have a bunch of pink leftover bits in my stash just waiting to be used up (note: I did not actually use anything up! I still have more left – must brainstorm more leftover bits projects).


Moura Headband
I knit this Moura Headband for my friend Sarah S., who I know likes to wear black and grey (great minds think alike on this). She’s also a go-go dancer, so I know she appreciates a nice wide headband.


Patina Cowl
Since I returned to Mount Pleasant, I’ve been so lucky to be welcomed into the craft group of some wonderful ladies I had the pleasure of working with when I lived here before. I made this Patina Lace Cowl for Erica. She takes no bullshit but maintains a sweet femininity, and I thought this cowl embodied that: the pattern and fiber are delicate, and the color is steely.


Red Ochre Fraga Headband
This Red Ochre Fraga Headband was for my friend Amanda. She was married last year at Christmas time and wore a beautiful red cape over her wedding dress in their outdoor photos – the color is just stunning on her, so I knew that she needed something like this for cold winter days.


Two-color Cowl
Sam is another of the lovely gals in the craft group here, and for her I made this Two Color Cowl. The yarn is super soft and warm, and I thought that the way I improvised this pattern turned out quite nicely: the two colors are pretty similar but this combination makes them each stand out nicely.


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  1. I love love love my cowl! And I like my description, too šŸ™‚

  2. I do love my headband! I’ve been wanting a headband for hair up days that wasn’t some freebie from whenever, so thank you!
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