sweet and pillow

After we moved into Castle Greystone, I realized that we needed some throw pillows for the living room. We got rid of a lot of furniture, and part of what we Craigslisted was the old La-Z-Boy living room set that came not with just one pillow but with a bunch of throw pillows. I had never liked the upholstery fabric that came on them but had never made time to recover them, either. At any rate, they went with the sofa set and we needed some new ones to go with the current living room furniture: one black-slipcovered IKEA couch and two lime green vintage armchairs.

Susan took things in hand and totally set us up!

POW! pillow
crossword pillow

Here we have a reversible pillow: one side with POW! and the other with a lime green crossword puzzle design. I had mentioned to Susan that I wanted some geeky/cool pillows but wasn’t finding any, and she invented something totally perfect.

typewriter pillow
adorbs BT pillow

I had noticed this BT applique design for embroidery machines for sale online at some point in the last couple of months and asked Susan if her embroidery machine would do that sort of thing. It does, and she bought it, and we are the ones who benefit! This pillow reverses from cute BT to olde-fashioned-y typewriter keyboard – I just love it. I also love that she made each of these pillows reversible so that they go well and stand out on both the chairs and the couch.


Lime chair nap

Coraline seems to approve of the pillows, or at least of them being nearby when she’s napping in the sun on the armchairs. Thank you, Susan!


8 thoughts on “sweet and pillow

  1. What nice gifts! I didn’t realize they were reversible-that’s cool.

  2. Creative and unique. Love them!

  3. The typewriter is still my favorite side. I love the fabric and the color of the lime agaisnt it. Urban threads FTW

  4. Amazing what a good embroidery machine can do for you. Anne, these throw pillows are way better than some you can see from the store. Plus! They are more personalized.

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