Welcome to Wampty

I’ve been playing the latest Animal Crossing game pretty much daily since it came out last year, and I’m still really enjoying it.

field of cosmos in Wampty

I’ve been on a non-stop gardening spree, so Wampty is very flowery. And tree-y and shrubby. I discovered that during some of the island tour games, you can fill your pockets with flowers and then transfer them to the cabana basket in order to access them back in your town, so I have stocked up a few times that way in addition to purchasing flowers at the Nook shops.

Wampty Hot Springs

I’ve enjoyed playing with others remotely, as well as with Karl via wifi. Now that Susan has the game, too, I am looking forward to playing with her on a regular basis. I recently met up with Trixie aka Melissa, which was super fun! We’d been talking about it on Twitter for awhile but finally got around to trading friend codes and visiting each other’s towns. It’s so interesting to see how every person has arranged their town! Do you want to visit Wampty? Let me know and we’ll meet up!

welcome to Wampty


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  1. YESSSSSSS!!!!! I doooooooo!!!!!!

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